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Career Day


WFF in the Classroom


Since its inception as an educational not-for-profit organization, the Woodstock Film Festival has been committed to youth and education as a means to positive development, conflict resolution and growth opportunity.

In addition to providing classes and internships for local schools, the Woodstock Film Festival has presented special workshops and seminars designed to stimulate and to provide resources not readily available in the local area. Additionally, local opportunities, are made available through the Hudson Valley Film Commission via internships and part time work on local film productions..


Each year, the Woodstock Teen Film Program present over 12 films teens from regional and other high schools. The films are screened to a sold out audience at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock and feature a Q&A with the young filmmakers following the screenings. See archives and click on schedule to view select screenings.

The Woodstock Film Festival proudly presents its Teen Film Program each year as an event that encourages young filmmakers and showcases some of the best young talent from the local region and across the country and around the world. The event marks WFF's yearly commitment to presenting and promoting teen films and high school students from around the world who make them.

"What sets teen films apart from all other films is the fresh perspective, the honesty and the passion that usually comes through."


Each year students from the region enjoy a day of interaction with filmmakers, actors, producers, writers, animators and others from the film business.

Teens also are treated to a free screening from one of the attending filmmakers.

Career Day is a rare and highly practical opportunity for students (between ages 13-18) who are interested in careers within film and media fields. The event, which was started in 2001 by NYU Industry Liaison Jeremiah Newton presents the opportunity for first-hand communication with highly respected professionals.

SELECT participants have included...

Elmer Bernstein - 14 time Oscar® nominated composer (The Magnificent Seven, To Kill a Mockingbird, Trading Places, The Great Escape, Far From Heaven)

Bruce Beresford - Director (Breaker Morant, Tender Mercies, Driving Miss Daisy)

Ellen Chenoweth- Casting director for The Coen Brothers and many others.

Giancarlo Esposito - Actor, producer (Breaking Bad, Do the Right Thing)

Leon Gast
- Oscar® winning documentary filmmaker (When We Were Kings)

Rachel Grady
- Oscar® nominated documentary Filmmaker (Jesus Camp, Boys of Baraka)

Tim Hutton
- Oscar® winning actor (Ordinary People)

Barbara Kopple - Oscar® winning documentary filmmaker ( Harlan County, USA)

Ellen Kuras
- Oscar® Nominated director (The Betrayal), & cinematographer (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Ballad of Jack and Rose )

Melissa Leo
- Oscar® winning actor (The Fighter, Frozen River, 21 Grams )

Ron Nyswaner - Oscar® nominated screenwriter (Philadelphia, The Painted Veil, A Soldier's Girl)

Bingham Ray -
As president of United Artists (No Man's Land, Bowling for Columbine, Personal
Velocity, Nicholas Nickleby, Pieces of April
, and Hotel Rwanda)

Norman Reedus
- Actor, director (The Walking Dead, The Boondock Saints)

Doreen Ringer Ross
- Vice President of Film/TV Relations of BMI Music licensing

Zachary Sklar
- Oscar® nominated screenwriter (JFK, Feast of the Goat)

John Sloss - Executive producer / attorney (Before Sunrise, The Fog of War, Boyhood)

Haskell Wexler - Oscar® winning cinematographer (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Bound For Glory, Medium Cool)

CLICK HERE to see photos of CAREER DAY events throughout the years

Melissa Leo
Giancarlo Esposito
Larry Fessenden

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The Hudson Valley Film Commission promotes sustainable economic development by attracting
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