WFF BLOGS: August 22, 2013 • Hudson Valley Catskills
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The 14th Annual WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL Provides Sneak Peek at 2013 Lineup,
starting with its SHORT FILMS selections as it leads up to 125+ events beginning October 2-6 festival

Leading up to the official reveal of the full festival lineup, WFF is bringing you a bi-weekly sneak peek at the ten unique short film programs that have made the cut for 2013. Check out these special previews to gear up for the full reveal later this season. Past reveals include the programs Conversations, Dystopia, Family, She Won, She Too and Short Docs I.

Separately, coming announcements will provide special highlights of some of the premieres of the full-length documentaries and narratives from across the country and the globe, as well as special honorary awards, expected appearances and exciting events such as the kick off event with SONNY ROLLINS: BEYOND THE NOTES. The full lineup of over 125 films, panels, concerts and events will be announced at the beginning of September. If you are interested in a full festival pass, they are very limited and online at FULL PASS.

Featuring The Beast and the Angel, Poustinia, and Where Beasts Dwell.

SHORT DOCS II is the seventh of our ten shorts programs and profiles three extroardinary artists who each work in unique mediums. Each film explores the myriad of difficulties and challenges that come with the creative process..

WFF DOCUMENTARY SHORTS programming has a remarkable track record of programming success, with many of the films garnering awardshere and elsewhere. The DOCUMENTARY SHORTS program at the WFF is an opportunity to see tomorrow's Oscar nominated films and filmmakers today.

In 2003, Ferry Tales, directed by Katja Esson and edited by WFF advisory board member Sabine Hoffman, won an Honorary Mention at WFF and later garnered an Oscar nomination.

In 2007, Salim Baba, directed by Tim Sternberg, won the WFF Maverick Award for Best Short Documentary and then went on to garner an Academy Award nomination in 2008. The Oscar that year went to Cynthia Wade's Freeheld, which also screened at WFF that same year. A feature film based on Freeheld, written by WFF advisory board member Ron Nyswaner and starring Ellen Page, is currently in development.

Director Katja Esson and Sabine Schenk (POETRY OF RESILIENCE) at 2011 Woodstock Film Festival.
PHOTO: David Morris Cunningham (

King's Point, directed by Sari Gilman, and Mondays at Racine, directed by Cynthia Wade, botht screened at WFF in 2012 and received nominations for 2013 Academy Awards for Best Documentary: Short Subject.

As the teenage leader of the popular 1960s Detroit band, The MC5, Wayne Kramer was a pioneer in America's punk rock music scene. Kramer believed that the power of music could change the world, but personal issues and drug addictions tore the MC5 apart. In the mid-1970s, Kramer pled guilty to a cocaine-dealing charge (what Krvastating time for him, Kramer turned to music to heal his anger and pain. When he was released, Kramer amer describes as "illegitimate capitalism") and spent two years in federal prison. During this decontinued to play music and perform, and then he co-founded Jail Guitar Doors USA as a way to rehabilitate prison inmates by allowing them to communicate in non-violent ways through music.

Director Shira Piven reveals how Kramer finally achieved the goal he's had since he was a teenager: to show how music can change world for the better.


POUSTINIA• East Coast Premiere
Poustinia explores the life and work of Gendron Jensen, a man passionately devoted to his artistic calling- drawing detailed, precise, wondrous images of bones. Though bones commonly represent sterility and death, Gendron sees them as "emissaries - portals unto exaltation, bespeaking all of creation." The onetime recluse spent 5 years at a Benedictine monastery in Wisconsin and 17 as a semi-hermit on his family's rented farm south of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. In 1987 he forsook the north woods of Minnesota for the mountains of New Mexico and a new life with artist Christine Taylor Patten. For more than 40 years this artist has obsessively, lovingly transformed found relics into wakeful images of uncommon beauty. His meticulously rendered, often monumental, graphite drawings invite the viewer to see anew -to journey beyond ordinary context to a deeper, more spiritual realm.

Director Kristian Berg was ten years old when he first met artist Gendron Jensen • the boneman.
"I've heard his drawings described as meditations," says Berg. "And that seems perfect because if you spend time with Gendron you can see that there really is no separation of his spiritual journey from his artistic one."

Poustinia is an intimate and revealing portrait of an artist who has forged his own path despite many obstacles.

Once taught by Louise Bourgeois and Brice Marden in exotic Tangier, artist Kathy Ruttenberg was a fixture in New York's downtown scene in the '80s. In the 90's, she moved to Woodstock, where she now lives and works in the woods surrounded by her artwork and an impressive menagerie of animals. Her mythical characters evoke a wide range of emotions and issues, from anger and melancholy to sexuality and relationships.

Again and again, Ruttenberg's environmentally astute fantasies assert that human companionship may be hard to sustain, but, like it or not, we are one with nature.

David Kaplan is a writer/director from New York City. His credits include the feature films Today's Special and Year of the Fish as well as the acclaimed short films Play and Little Red Riding Hood.

The 2013 selections will also include an ANIMATION PROGRAM curated by Bill Plympton and Signe Baumane, sponsored by Blue Sky Studios. Stay tuned for more information about the 2013 Woodstock Film Festival shorts programs. We already have our favorites for Oscar, let's see if you agree!

About the Woodstock Film Festival:
Hailed by Indiewire as "A true American Maverick Among Fests" and praised by actor Ethan Hawke as "among the finest of a dying breed: a festival that isn't trying to sell you anything, but simply and beautifully celebrating the art & craft of filmmaking", the Woodstock Film Festival premiers exceptional films, hosts the most talented emerging and established professionals in the movie industry; presents A-list concerts, panels and parties, and creates stimulating, innovative programming year-round.

The Woodstock Film Festival is a non-profit, 501c3 with a mission to present an annual program and year-round schedule of film, music and art-related activities that promote artists, culture, inspired learning and diversity.

The Woodstock Film Festival celebrates 14th year, October 2-6, 2013, with an extraordinary line-up of fiercely independent films, panels, concerts and special events in Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Kingston, Rosendale and Saugerties.