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(Ulster County, NY, June 2, 2008) The Hudson Valley Film Commission and Ulster County Development Corporation jointly announced today that TechCity has officially been granted certification as a qualified film studio by the NYS Governors Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. This important development will allow potential film productions to use facilities at TechCity to meet the requirements set forth by the recent NYS Film Credit.

“It’s is a monumental development,” stated Hudson Valley Film Commissioner Laurent Rejto. “This will allow film productions to shoot locally and qualify for the film credit without having to relocate outside of the Hudson Valley. The lack of a qualified site has always been the missing link in getting films to commit to the region. When National Geographics The Human Footprint used TechCity for soundstage purposes in 2007, it cemented the fact that it was a win-win.”

“This news made my day," added Lance Matteson, Ulster County Development Corporation president."UCDC is proud to have been a part of this. Having a State-certified studio is a leap forward in advancing the film and digital graphics industry cluster we’ve been pushing.”

NYS film credit regulations state that productions must use a soundstage measuring at least 7,000 square feet in order to comply. TechCity is a 27 building campus located in the heart of New York State's emerging technology corridor. Available spaces measure in size from 7,000 to over 200,000. The site, which served as IBM world headquarters is an ideal site for future film productions. The original IBM main-frame production building was nicknamed Hollywood & Vine and measures one thousand feet long. It is connected to other buildings with a half-mile long hallway. When you enter on the south side past the guard posts, the complex has a Hollywood Studio feel all it’s own. The only missing element is the guard asking what soundstage you are working at.

“For the time being, we want to get films that have applied for the film credit to use the facility. We are already talking to three productions about using space this summer,” comments Rejto. “The eventual goal however is to get several operating film studios settled in at TechCity full time–with staff, equipment, carpentry and prop buildings, the works. It’s not an easy task but this is a step in the right direction. In order for the facility to thrive, it will need management and steady income to pay the nut. A legitimate network or cable talk show or cooking show would be an ideal first step. If the next Oprah reads this, please have her call our office.”

“Film and sound production, and related digital graphics and support services, form a perfect business niche for this area," added UCDC's Matteson. We already have a lot of highly qualified people with the right skills. And we’re committed to rolling out the welcome mat for entrepreneurs and firms in this space that are ready to bring jobs and investment into the community. I’m grateful to the Hudson Valley Film Commission for its leadership on this matter and to TechCity owner Alan Ginsberg for stepping up and making the commitment that enabled this breakthrough.”

The move will allow potential productions to take advantage of the abundant, available, technically skilled and highly-motivated labor force in the area, and the business-friendly, entrepreneurial environment committed to success.

The move to find a qualified soundstage was one of the principle developments the Hudson Valley Film Commission strived for in order to accomplish incorporation purposes, including:

  • Stimulating the local economy by attracting working producers, directors and other industry personnel who may in turn use the local community for production purposes, or other.
  • Positioning the local community as a prominent venue for film and television activity within New York State.

Smaller soundstages in the area including several spaces at the Seven21 Media Center in Kingston do not meet the size requirements although they are legitimate and excellent resources. The commitment to encouraging the film industry by state and regional economic leaders has made New York a great place to put together the financing, talent, and technology filmmakers need to screen, promote and produce their films.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission (HVFC) is a conduit for preproduction, production, and postproduction for filmmaking in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region. Support is provided throughout the year to studio features, independent features, print, new media, short films, student projects, and TV ads. The commission offers technical, location, and talent guidance, referrals, networking opportunities, email blasts, and promotion through press opportunities including the monthly e-newsletter. In order to make information fully accessible, a free online production directory for local film professionals is provided and maintained online.

Regional projects have included The Human Footprint (which rented soundstage and administrative offices at TechCity in 2007), The Cake Eaters (directed by Mary Stuart Masterson) The Night Listener (starring Robin Williams), The White Countess (extras ADR, directed by James Ivory), War of the Worlds (directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise), Before It Had a Name (starring Willem Dafoe), Dead Flowers (postproduction only, directed by Jim Jarmusch and starring Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange.), The Thing About My Folks (starring Paul Reiser and Peter Falk), Down to the Bone (winner of two prizes at 2004 Sundance Film Festival), Personal Velocity (Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2002), and much more.

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