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Keely and Du
Directed by
Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert

Canada / 2018 / 80:00

US Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films WOODSTOCK
10/13/2018, 4:15PM
Upstate Films I RHINEBECK
10/12/2018, 5:45PM

An extremist anti-choice faction executes a brazen kidnapping and transports a young pregnant woman to a remote location where she will be forced to bring her pregnancy to term. Sedated, Keely awakens to find herself captive in a rustic fishing cabin in northern Ontario, alone but for Du, a middle aged zealot who has been assigned to be both her guard and caregiver. Their only connection to the outside world is Robert, the menacing mastermind of the operation whose unpredictable arrivals by boat bring equal parts provisions, preaching and fear. Once Keely discovers that there is no escape from the island, she begins to adapt to the reality of her situation. While resisting the faith-based indoctrination of her captors, she does allow a fragile detente with Du. Forced together in the beautiful but rugged Canadian wilderness, the two disparate women gradually form a bond that transcends the brutality of their actual relationship. Throughout her captivity, Keely remains steadfast in her determination to end her pregnancy and reclaim her autonomy. Frustrated by her lack of compliance, Robert pushes with increasing force against her resolve. Keely meets him with equal force, setting in motion a shocking and violent showdown that will test the conviction of each character.
Winner of multiple awards, internationally acclaimed directors Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert create crowd-pleasing yet complex films about women. Their heartfelt and accessible style can be seen in their feature films MARGARITA (Palm Springs International Film Festival – Gay! La (Hers), Inside/Out Audience Award), the touching story of two women whose passion reaches across a cultural and class divide, and FINN’S GIRL (Los Angeles Gary & Lesbian Film Festival – Outstanding Emerging Talent Award). Their short film BELOW THE BELT (Berlin International Film Festival, TIFF, Genie nomination) was heralded by Cinemascope as “The story of first love, captured perfectly in all its naiveté and confusion, runs headlong into the more cynical realities of adult relations as mothers and daughter catch each other in equally compromising positions.”
Cast/Featuring: no Instagram profile for the company
Executive Producer(s): Sarah E. Johnson, Eve Lewis
Producer(s): Laurie Colbert, Rechna Varma, Jennifer Mesich
Director(s): Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert
Screenwriter(s): Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert
Cinematographer(s): James Klopko
Editor(s): Gino Zolezzi
Production Designer(s): Vince Moskowec
Composer(s)/Music: David Baron
Sound Designer(s): Wes Khurana


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