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Sounding, The
Directed by
Catherine Eaton

USA / 2017 / 93

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Catherine Eaton, Bryan Delaney, Jessica Vale, Caitlin Gold
Why would a woman living on a remote Maine island choose to not speak? The Sounding is a beautifully envisioned film that explores this psychological mystery. With a hint of an Oliver Sachs case, the story of Liv (portrayed by director Catherine Eaton), eerily unfolds. After the death of her grandfather, a renowned neurologist who raised her, Liv, who has been silent for years, begins to speak in a language disquietingly her own. But when a driven neurologist, recruited to protect her, instead commits Liv to a psychiatric hospital, the once sedate women becomes a full-blown rebel. In a scenario that ebbs and flows from harsh to tender, romance to violence, Liv's refusal to conform threatens to keep her locked up forever. A film as impassioned as its protagonist, The Sounding is a voice for those who have the courage to be different. — Jeff Morris
Catherine Eaton is a director, writer, actor & producer. She directed, co-wrote & performed in her debut feature The Sounding featuring Harris Yulin and Teddy Sears, based on her short film featuring Frankie Faison. The Sounding has won Festival Grand Prizes, Best Feature Awards from audiences and juries, and various other honors. Catherine is developing two original series for television, both finalists for the Sundance Labs. She received a Tribeca Through Her Lens Filmmaker award, and was also recently selected to participate in Show-Runner Ryan Murphy's prestigious Half Foundation Program for Television Directors. She is a freelance producer and shares an Emmy for her work with Bloomberg TV. As an actor, Catherine has performed on Broadway, across the country and on screen. Catherine has lectured on directing at Harvard, is on the leadership team of Film Fatales and a member of NYWIFT, SAG/AFTRA & AEA.
Cast/Featuring: Teddy Sears, Harris Yulin, Frankie Faison, Erin Darke, Catherine Eaton
Executive Producer(s): Rebecca Skloot, Braxton Pope, David Knott, Bruno Lyra, Stavroula Toska
Producer(s): Caitlin Gold, Jessica Vale
Director(s): Catherine Eaton
Screenwriter(s): Bryan Delaney, Catherine Eaton
Cinematographer(s): David Kruta
Editor(s): Marco Perez
Production Designer(s): Rocio Gimenez
Composer(s)/Music: Siddhartha Khosla
Sound Designer(s): James Foster, Jacob Cammita
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