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Nat Bates For Mayor
Directed by
Bradley Berman and Eric Weiss

USA / 2017 / 76
East Coast Premiere

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Bradley Berman, Eric Weiss
Nat Bates For Mayor documents the outrageous 2014 Richmond mayor's race, home to the second largest California refinery. In a brazen move, Chevron spent over $3 million to back 83-year-old African-American stalwart Nat Bates. Bates makes a Faustian bargain with the corporate behemoth to preserve the waning power of Richmond's African-American working class community, whose rich history dates back to World War Two. It's black against white; pro-development against eco-friendly; David versus Goliath. Is Bates the savior or stooge? A wacky ride with some entertaining and offbeat political personalities, the guerilla-style documentary follows the candidates as they lock horns in a battle for mayor and the future of the Bay Area oil town. With cameos by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and legendary civil rights leader Andrew Young, the film is a potent mix of corporate influence, race, gentrification, homophobia, political self-determination, and humor – all told through the stories of bigger-than-life small-town characters.
Bradley Berman and Eric Weiss, both in their early 50's, have been involved in media production for decades – producing everything from magazines and websites to museum exhibitions and music festivals. Nat Bates For Mayor is their first feature film. Berman writes mostly about cars, for such publications as The New York Times, MIT Technology Review, and Popular Mechanics. Weiss was the associate publisher of Mother Jones magazine.
Cast/Featuring: Nat Bates, Corky Booze, Tom Butt, Mike Parker, Uche Uwahemu
Executive Producer(s): Bradley Berman
Producer(s): Bradley Berman, Eric Weiss
Director(s): Bradley Berman and Eric Weiss
Screenwriter(s): Bradley Berman, Eric Weiss
Cinematographer(s): Bradley Berman
Editor(s): Bradley Berman, Byron W. Thompson
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