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Junction 48
Directed by
Udi Aloni

ISRAEL / 2016 / 96

In Arabic and Hebrew with subtitles

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Oren Moverman, Lawrence Inglee
It takes an astute writer like Oren Moverman and an artful director like Udi Aloni to produce an Israeli-Palestinian story that transcends politics, encouraging us to put aside preconceptions and see the humanity behind it.

Kareem (real life Palestinian hip-hop artist Tamer Nafar) is a young Palestinian from an Arab ghetto outside Tel Aviv who aspires to become the first Arab-Israeli rapper. For Kareem, his buddies and girlfriend Manar, music verbalizes their lives. "My songs aren't political, they just describe the place I come from. "But politics are embedded in their everyday existence in a crime-ridden, conservative community where gender expectations, police brutality, government prohibitions, and family are inescapable.

Performing in a Jewish club, among Israeli rappers they idolize, is a dream for these musicians. But when Manara's lyrics incite an attack from a violent nationalistic group, reality intercedes. Unfolding through the filter of Kareem's experience, "Junction 48" is about people trying to function in a confused world without losing their soul, trying to find solace creating music. --Monique Ray

Udi Aloni is an Israeli and American director and writer whose work frequently explores the interrelationships between art, theory and activism. His films have been presented in the Berlinale and other major film festivals. His past awards include the Berlinale's CINEMA Fairbindet Prize. Aloni's visual art has been presented in leading museums and galleries, including the Metropolitan in New York and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. His most recent book is "What Does a Jew Want?: On Binationalism and Other Specters" (Columbia University Press, 2011). His recent stage work was "Anti-Oedipus" at the Schillertag Mannheim 2015. Aloni has mentored young actors from one of the harshest refugee camps in Palestine, helping them reach the world stage.
Cast/Featuring: Tamer Nafar, Samar Qupty, Salwa Nakkara, Saeed Dassuki, Adeeb Safadi
Executive Producer(s): Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Gideon Tadmor, Eyal Rimmon, Michael Mailis, Susan Wrubel, James Schamus, Oren Moverman
Producer(s): David Silber, Lawrence Inglee, Stefan Arndt, Udi Aloni
Director(s): Udi Aloni
Screenwriter(s): Oren Moverman, Tamer Nafar
Cinematographer(s): Amnon Zalait
Editor(s): Isaac Sehayek, Jay Rabinowitz, ACE
Production Designer(s): Salim Sh'hade
Composer(s)/Music: Tamer Nafar, Itamar Ziegler
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