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Fury, The
(De Helleveeg)

Directed by
Andre van Duren

/ 2016 / 117

North American Premiere
In Dutch

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Andre van Duren
"The Fury" is a subtle mystery that intensifies over time, skillfully unfolding through the eyes of a young boy and continuing into manhood. Albert's "Aunt" Tiny is a beautiful, provocative young woman to whom men are drawn. Although Albert idolizes her, we soon realize that although she seems frivolous and playful, she is more like a wounded bird than the dashing young woman she appears. As we follow Albert's narrative, with clever time jumps through whole years during which everyone is convincingly transformed, Tiny's buried rage slowly surfaces. It takes Albert half a lifetime to discover the complexity of Tiny's existence, and secrets alluded to remain hidden until the last moment. Authentically set in the south of the Netherlands during the fifties and sixties, "The Fury" exposes the hypocrisy in a provincial family: by the time Tiny's story comes to light, the family are all old and their lives have passed without anyone acknowledging Tiny's tragedy. -- Monique Ray
Andre van Duren is a Dutch film director who, after five years working as assistant director, started directing himself. His first film was the award-winning TV film "Het Verhaal van Kees". He was awarded a Golden Calf for "Pleidooi (TV) and "Mariken", his first feature film. He won the press award at The Netherlands Film Festival for his TV film "Richting Engeland (Heading for England)" and it was selected for the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival.

Other credits include: "Kees de Jongen", based on the novel by Theo Thijssen; "De Bende van Oss (The Gang of Oss)", nominated for seven Golden Calfs and won Best Music; "De Helleveeg", based on the last novel by A.F.Th. van der Heijden, and "De Helleveeg (The Fury)". He has directed half a dozen shorts, episodes for several TV series, and as commercial director, he was responsible for numerous campaigns for Rabobank, Essent and McDonald's.

Cast/Featuring: Hannah Hoekstra, Frank Lammers
Producer(s): Guurtje Buddenberg, Matthijs van Heijningen
Director(s): Andre van Duren
Screenwriter(s): Andre van Duren
Cinematographer(s): Theo Bierkens
Editor(s): Ad Rietvelt
Production Designer(s): Alfred Schaaf
Composer(s)/Music: Good Sounds, Jef Richaerts
Sound Designer(s): Jef Richaerts, Marcel Bultman, Mereijn van der Heijden
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