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Surprise, The
(De Surprise)

Directed by
Mike van Diem

NETHERLANDS / 2015 / 105

East Coast Premiere
In Dutch, English, and French

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From Oscar-winning director Mike van Diem comes the Dutch film "The Surprise", a darkly funny action drama about a billionaire who can't seem to find pleasure in life. Remaining emotionless as his mother dies, Jacob realizes that it is time for a big change. He signs away his estate and pays for a private organization to end his life accidentally, as assisted suicide is illegal. When shopping around for the perfect casket, Jacob meets a like-minded girl on a similar mission. As their budding relationship blossoms, Jacob decides that life is actually worth living. However, the shady organization that he hired is determined to follow through with their contractual agreement at all costs.

Deftly humorous, well acted and action packed, "The Surprise" is exactly that: a black romantic comedy that keeps its audience guessing at every turn in the best possible way. -- Evan Thomas

Dutch filmmaker Mike van Diem won the 1998 Oscar for best foreign language film with his debut feature "Character". Prior to that, after graduating from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, he won the 1990 Student Academy Award for best foreign student film in the dramatic category with his film "Alaska". After years of directing commercials, his romantic black comedy "The Surprise" marks his return to the big screen.
Cast/Featuring: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Georgina Verbaan, Jan Decleir, Henry Goodman
Executive Producer(s): Marianne van Hardeveld, Richard Claus
Producer(s): Els Vandevorst, Mike van Diem, Hans de Weers
Director(s): Mike van Diem
Screenwriter(s): Mike van Diem
Cinematographer(s): Rogier Stoffers
Editor(s): Jessica de Koning
Production Designer(s): Hubert Pouille
Composer(s)/Music: Brian Byrne
Sound Designer(s): Herman Piete
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