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Green /is/ Gold
Directed by
Ryon Baxter

USA / 2016 / 85

East Coast Premiere

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Ryon Baxter, Jimmy Baxter, Anthony Burns
It's tough enough being a teenager, but for Mason life is especially complicated. Assignments are piling up at school and his teacher won't get off his back, the bullies are merciless and, to top it off, his father has been sent to prison and he's forced to live with his estranged, reckless, marijuana-dealing older brother. Real-life brothers Ryon and Jimmy Baxter surpass expectations in this riveting drama that, while outwardly is about the drug scene, excels in exploring the relationships between the complex, realistic characters that populate the film. It's easy to call first time feature writer/director Ryon Baxter a one man show (he wrote, directed, starred in, produced, and edited the film), but the brilliantly subdued performance by his teenage brother adds substantially to the film's refreshing realism. The incredible performances are bolstered by an impressive, cautiously optimistic script that pulls you in and pulls no punches. --Evan Thomas
Ryon Baxter is a filmmaker from Sonoma, CA. He wrote, directed and edited the short "Heroic Dose", and wrote the TV mini-series "Stuk". "Green/Is/Gold" is Baxter's first feature film and had its world premiere at the LA Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award for Fiction Feature Film.
Cast/Featuring: Jimmy Baxter, Ryon Baxter, David Fine
Producer(s): Anthony Burns, Ryon Baxter
Director(s): Ryon Baxter
Screenwriter(s): Ryon Baxter
Cinematographer(s): Justin Potter, Mike Revolvalcke
Editor(s): Ryon Baxter
Composer(s)/Music: Luca Young
Sound Designer(s): Brodie Giles
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