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The Last Dalai Lama?
Directed by
Mickey Lemle

USA / 2016 / 81:34

East Coast Premiere

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Q&A Attendees
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Mickey Lemle, Linda Mooney, Dal LaMagna, Don Casper
In 1991, Mickey Lemle first introduced the wider world to the Dalai Lama through his documentary "Compassion in Exile: The Story of the 14th Dalai Lama." Now, as Tenzin Gyatso enters his 8th decade, Mickey revisits his friend to examine the then and now for the Tibetan people and how the science of brain-mind-consciousness fits well within Buddhist psychology.

Will he be the last Dalai Lama? As a refugee in Dharamsala, India, he has stated if and when Tibet is free, he would step down as a leader to become a simple Buddhist monk. His Holiness has also said publicly that he will not reincarnate, given that the Chinese government wants to have a say in finding the "unmistaken child" who would become the 15th Dalai Lama.

"The Last Dalai Lama?" gives a rare and intimate look at one of the most beloved sentient beings the world has ever known, with appearances by Philip Glass, former President George W. Bush, and many more. --Cynthia Kane

Producer/director Mickey Lemle's multi-award winning documentaries include: "The Other Side of the Moon", "Our Planet Earth", "Compassion in Exile: The Story of The 14th Dalai Lama", "Hasten Slowly: The Journey of Sir Laurens Vander Post", "Ram Dass Fierce Grace,", which "Newsweek" named one of the five best nonfiction films of 2002, and "The Last Dalai Lama?". For the past eighteen years, Lemle has been Chairman of the Board of the Tibet Fund. He has been named Cinemas Soul Man; One of the 40 Artists Who Shake the World by "The Utne Reader".
Cast/Featuring: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Rinchen Khando Choegyal, President George W. Bush, Tendzin Choegyal, The Very Reverend James Parks Morton
Executive Producer(s): Dal LaMagna, Michael Goodwin
Producer(s): Mickey Lemle, Linda Moroney
Director(s): Mickey Lemle
Screenwriter(s): Mickey Lemle
Cinematographer(s): Buddy Squires
Editor(s): Don Casper, Mickey Lemle
Composer(s)/Music: Philip Glass, Tenzin Choegyal
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