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Stray Bullets
Directed by
Jack Fessenden

USA / 2016 / 83

North American Premiere

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Jack Fessenden
Two Upstate New York teenagers, tasked with cleaning out an abandoned mobile home, would rather be doing anything else. They wander the countryside, practicing favorite movie battles with their beloved paintball guns, unaware they are in for a rude awakening -- three petty thieves on the run from Brooklyn mobsters have taken refuge on their turf.

Sixteen-year-old director Jack Fessenden makes the leap from student shorts to feature film with this impressive debut that pits slacker teens (played by Fessenden and Asa Ryder Spurlock) against career criminals, all very well portrayed by the ruthless James Le Gros ("Drugstore Cowboy, Bitter Feast"), the bungling John Speredakos ("Fantastic Four, Inside Man" and "The House of the Devil"), and the philosophical Larry Fessenden (Glass Eye Pix). A tightly-wound and enigmatic Kevin Corrigan ("Dice, The Departed, Goodfellas") brings the hellfire and denouement to "Stray Bullets". The film promises to be a career-launcher for the young triple-threat Fessenden, who also composed the film's original score. --Chris Thomas

Jack Fessenden grew up on the sets of Glass Eye Pix productions, his father's indie-horror production company, and helping his mom in her stop-motion animation studio. Inspired by the creativity around him, Fessenden began making shorts with his friends at age seven. It wasn't until age thirteen that he started taking film more seriously. His first script, "Riding Shotgun", premiered at the 2013 Woodstock Film Festival. He followed up with "All For One," "The Adults" and "Pranks,," the latter two premiering at Woodstock, as well.

He finished his first feature, "Stray Bullets", in April 2016, at the age of sixteen. Fessenden is very grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to make films at such a young age, and can only hope he is making the most of his good fortune.

Cast/Featuring: Asa Spurlock, Jack Fessenden, James Le Gros, John Speredakos, Larry Fessenden, Robert Burke Warren, Steve Heller. Roger Peltzman, Eric Kraus, Kevin Corrigan
Producer(s): Larry Fessenden, Beck Underwood, Jack Fessenden
Director(s): Jack Fessenden
Screenwriter(s): Jack Fessenden
Cinematographer(s): Larry Fessenden
Editor(s): Jack Fessenden
Production Designer(s): Beck Underwood
Composer(s)/Music: Jack Fessenden
Sound Designer(s): John Moros
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