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My First Kiss And The People Involved
Directed by
Luigi Campi

UK / 2016 / 81

East Coast Premiere

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Luigi Campi
Delicate beauty and a fragile soul characterize the nonverbal, yet desperately expressive Sam, a young woman living in a group home for the mentally and physically challenged. Like a butterfly, she floats through the house, existing in her own world. Her only connections fellow housemate Junior and caregiver Lydia. Through the filmmaker's purposely focused lens, we perceive the world in the way Sam does: as a montage of dreamlike images and sounds

When Lydia disappears after a seemingly violent confrontation, "My First Kiss and the People Involved" becomes a suspenseful search for clues. Sam's covert hunt reveals a heel in the trash, blood on the ground: all pointing to one thing. But Sam's inability to communicate inhibits her from convincing anyone of what she herself is fearfully certain.

"My First Kiss and the People Involved" is a true gem of independent filmmaking, where every glimpse, touch and sound are suggestive, yet things aren't always what they seem. --Svetlana Krotek

With a background in acting and visual arts, Luigi Campi writes and directs fiction films and music videos that play with the medium and explore unique perspectives. Campi is a Columbia University graduate, a Fulbright fellow and a winner of the New Orleans Film Festival with his short film "Escape from Planet Tar." He lives in London.
Cast/Featuring: India Salvor Menuez, Robert Beitzel, Josh Caras, Liza Thorn
Executive Producer(s): Feliciano Campi, Luigi Campi, Gerry Kim
Producer(s): Ko-Rely Pi, Mayuran Tiruchelvam, Andy Nguyen
Director(s): Luigi Campi
Screenwriter(s): Luigi Campi
Cinematographer(s): Giacomo Belletti
Editor(s): Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Production Designer(s): Charlotte Royer
Composer(s)/Music: Bonnie McAlvin
Sound Designer(s): Nathan Ruyle
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