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Magnificent Burden
Directed by
Rob Nelson

USA / 2016 / 87

World Premiere

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Rob Nelson, Taylor Stein, Karin Haves
A New York City socialite goes undercover to help the F.B.I. crack a black-market baby trafficking ring. Sounds like fodder for a Hollywood blockbuster, but for vivacious bombshell Taylor Stein, that's just the backstory. After some high-profile legal wrangling, Stein adopts Ren, the adorable baby boy at the center of the scandal, only to find out that he's suffering from a rare and debilitating genetic condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. At that point "Magnificent Burden" takes a sharp dramatic turn and Stein reinvents herself as an outspoken advocate, not only for her son, but for all of the children stricken with this heartbreaking disease. Director Rob Nelson skillfully mines beauty from tragedy by unraveling the deep bonds shared between parents and their children when nothing is taken for granted. "Magnificent Burden" offers viewers a wide range of emotion and a poignant reminder that every day is a gift. --Jon Greenhalgh
"Magnificent Burden" is Rob Nelson's first film as a director. He first became nationally known as one of the founders of "Lead or Leave", a political action group for young Americans. "Lead or Leave" was featured on "60 Minutes", "Nightline", "Good Morning America", and "The Today Show". "The New York Times" called Nelson "one of the original Generation X spokesmen.''

After graduating from Stanford Law School and holding an externship in the Clinton White House, Nelson went on to become a television and radio show host, including "The Full Nelson" on Fox News, "The Rob Nelson Show" on Fox, and ABC's "The Scholar". Nelson is the author of two books, "Revolution X: A Survival Guide for our Generation" (co-authored with Jon Cowan and published by Penguin Books) and "Last Call: Ten Commonsense Solutions to America's Biggest Problems", published by Random House.

Cast/Featuring: Taylor Stein, Andrew Solomon, Richard S. Geary, C. Frank Bennett, Kathryn J. Swoboda, Rep. Charles Rangel, Rep. Michael McCaul
Executive Producer(s): Stephen Nemeth
Producer(s): Karin Hayes, P.G. Morgan, Rob Nelson, Taylor Stein
Director(s): Rob Nelson
Screenwriter(s): Rob Nelson, Taylor Stein
Cinematographer(s): Karin Hayes
Editor(s): Aleksandar Marinovich
Composer(s)/Music: Sean Murray
Sound Designer(s): Rick Larimore
Animator(s): Title Design: mindbomb films, Christopher Kirk, Syd Garon, Alex Verlag; Motion Graphics & Design: The String Theory NY, John Vondracek, Joseph Roeder
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