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Islands and the Whales, The
Directed by
Mike Day

UK / 2016 / 81

New York Premiere
In English, Faroese and Danish

Screening Times and Venues:

What happens when tradition confronts reality? On the Faroe Islands, custom frequently defines culture. Since time immemorial, the Faroese people have hunted pilot whales, considering them a vital food source and an integral part of their cultural identity. Notwithstanding widespread opposition to this practice, the Faroese people continue whaling.

Once having one of the highest life expectancies on Earth, the Faroese people are now suffering from the health effects of whaling due to rampant pollution of the Earth's oceans. A compelling argument is offered from both sides, while the film never forgoes its humanity for a bird's eye view.

Interspersed with mythical parables offering a prescient insight into present day issues, the film features an ominous score and alluring cinematography that dictate the tone of this powerful and poignant documentary. "The Islands and the Whales" immerses us in a community at a cultural crossroads and illuminates problems that affect us all. --Evan Thomas

Mike Day, Scottish director and cinematographer and a 2014 Sundance fellow and a 2015 recipient of the San Francisco Film Society's Documentary Film Fund grant, transitioned from a legal career to documentary filmmaking in 2009.

His previous film, "The Guga Hunters of Ness," also set in the North Atlantic, screened at international festivals, as well as on the BBC.

Producer(s): Mike Day
Director(s): Mike Day
Screenwriter(s): Mike Day
Cinematographer(s): Mike Day
Editor(s): Mary Lampson, Nicole Havola, Mike Day, Claire Ferguson, David Charap
Composer(s)/Music: Antony Partos, Mike Sheridan
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