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Directed by
Luca Brinciotti

USA / 2016 / 10:45

New York Premiere
In Italian with subtitles

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The true story of the infamous female Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli, also known as "The Soap-Maker of Correggio." Leonarda believes she is cursed by her mother, so she decides to sacrifice three women to save her children's lives. With their bodies, she made soap and cookies.
Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Luca Brinciotti started his career as an editor for local clients. He Interned at Ciack 2000 in Rome, growing his experience in editing working with Donatella Baglivo. After graduating in Film Studies at the University of La Sapienza, he moved to Los Angeles to enroll at NYFA for a Master in Fine Arts. He wrote and directed more that six shorts, establishing his voice and style right away. He also has experience working as a Director of Photography for short films.
Cast/Featuring: Rosaria Cianciulli, Luca Riemma, Betty Franchi, Jonathan Lansky
Producer(s): Rosaria Cianciulli
Director(s): Luca Brinciotti
Screenwriter(s): Rosaria Cianciulli
Cinematographer(s): Andrew Messersmith
Editor(s): Luca Brinciotti
Production Designer(s): Gianlorenzo Albertini
Composer(s)/Music: Gianlorenzo Albertini
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