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Promised Band, The
Directed by
Jen Heck

Israel, Palestine, USA / 2016 / 89:30

New York Premiere
In English, Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles

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Jen Heck, Lina Qadri, Viki Auslender
Vivacious thirty-three year old Lina Qadri, wife, mother, university teacher, artist, and musician, struggles with life in land-locked Nablus, an isolated West Bank city designated Area A, forbidden to Israelis and nearly as difficult for Palestinians, who are denied access to Israel except by special permit. Enter Jen Heck, a determined reality TV producer and peace activist who hatches a plot to create a fake band, thus allowing some furtive visits between Lina and a gutsy, adventurous group of Israeli women to cross into the forbidden zone. As the group bonds, it becomes apparent that the government imposed separation generates fear and prevents peace. With warmth and compassion, this story explores how barriers to understanding crumble with the healing power of friendship. Are similarities more powerful than differences? While tensions remain, "The Promised Band" allows a glimpse into what might be a true roadmap to peace. --Barbara Pokras, ACE
Jen Heck completed her MFA at Columbia University's film program in 2009. She has had work at major film festivals including Sundance, The Hamptons and Palm Springs, at museums including the Whitney (Biennial 2004) and MoMA, and on networks including MTV, Bravo and VH1. She has won awards at festivals for her short narrative films "Airplanes" and "Salamander", both photographed by Martina Radwan. She currently works as a documentary TV producer and director in New York.
Cast/Featuring: Lina Qadri, Jen Heck, Viki Auslender, Shlomit Ravid, Noa Bassel
Executive Producer(s): Ian Reinhard
Producer(s): Maria De La O, Chris Martin, Jen Heck
Director(s): Jen Heck
Screenwriter(s): Jen Heck, Maria De La O
Cinematographer(s): Martina Radwan, Jen Heck
Editor(s): Ben Frazer, John Dilley
Composer(s)/Music: Neil Benezra
Sound Designer(s): Neil Benezra
Animator(s): Chaim Bianco
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