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Sea is Blue, The
Directed by
Vincent Peone

USA / 2015 / 7:10

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A stop motion fable that explains how the ocean got its color.
The Sea is Blue has been a passion project of Vincent Peone for a long time. Peone wrote it at a very challenging time in his life. One morning ten years ago, Peone awoke to some terrible news. His kid sisters were in critical condition from a fire that ravaged their childhood home. The fire nearly took both of their lives. Fortunately the youngest, Angelina, had a relatively speedy recovery. All attention then turned to his other sister, Dina. With third degree burns covering nearly sixty eight percent of her body, the doctors weren't exactly confident she'd pull through. Peone took a sabbatical from school to be with his family during this tremendously hard time. For his own part, Peone managed to find comfort in writing The Sea is Blue for Dina while at her bedside, waiting for her to wake up from a drug-induced coma. After three long months of emotionally charged uncertainty, Dina did wake up. While it wasn't a short road to recovery, she now leads a happy, healthy life. She is a writer, and a great one at that!

The short is about loss, learning to appreciate what you have, and new beginnings. It gave Peone hope when he needed it, and now he's pleased to share it.

Executive Producer(s): Mike Healey, Josh Ruben, Vincent Peone, Garrett Fennelly, Alex Schepsman, Dave Kornfield
Producer(s): Josh Ruben, Vincent Peone
Director(s): Vincent Peone
Cinematographer(s): Jose Andres Cardona
Composer(s)/Music: Ramon Cordova
Sound Designer(s): Heard City, Heath Raymond, Evan Mangiamele, Stefano Campello
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