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Mojo Thunder
Directed by
Benjy Brooke, Vikkal Parrikh, Kris Merc

USA / 2015 / 3

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Tested, The
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SHORTS: Animation.

Q&A Attendees
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Vikkal Parrikh
Mojo Thunder' tells the story of a man trying to escape the pain of his past by indulging in his vices, only to see himself sinking deeper into the grim realities of life. The storytelling- driven animated video tells a hypnotic tale of vice and voodoo and explores how cycles of abuse and pain can trigger self-destructive behavior. Inspired by the gritty late ‘80s and early ‘90s neo-noir graphic stylings Ataboy decided to eschew color in favor of a darkly shaded, angular graphic, white-on-black sketch design. The Ataboy team experimented with hand-designed options, from working in newsprint to drawing with chalk and white crayons on black card stock before deciding on animating in Photoshop for a handmade look and feel.
Ataboy is a company of storytellers, driven by a passion for conceptualizing and creating content using a variety of medium, from graphics and typography to stop motion and live action. Commercials, long format, web content, or branded content, Ataboy is dedicated to collaboration and bringing ideas to life. Vikkal Parikh is the award-winning creative director and founder of Ataboy. Whether shooting a live action advertising campaign, providing high end CG or designing and animating music videos, Vikkal oversees and executes every project that comes through Ataboy with high standards and impeccable attention to detail. Benjy Brooke is a multi-faceted artist who is constantly creating. He is passionate about projects that allow him to be pushed on an emotional and technical level where he gets to run the gamut of production- writing, designing, illustrating, animating, and editing. Although Kris Merc has a strong background in directing for VFX and Design, he is currently into live action directing music videos and mini-documentaries for bands and musicians.
Executive Producer(s): Karen Hennegan
Producer(s): James Howell
Director(s): Benjy Brooke, Vikkal Parrikh, Kris Merc
Screenwriter(s): Vikkal Parrikh, Benjy Brooke, Kris Merc
Composer(s)/Music: The Peach Kings
Animator(s): Benjy Brooke, Adam VanDine, Ellen Su, Zeynap Aydogmus, Scott Wilkinson, Arthur Gutilla, Yana Pan, Monika Norcross, Christine Kim, Emily Zurl
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