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Chimes for Autism: Tyler's Story
Directed by
Stephen Panaggio

United States / 2014 / 8:17

Screening Times and Venues:
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Q&A Attendees
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Garry Kvistad
Tyler Doi is an 8 year old with autism who has an exceptional skill in a very specific area - he can distinguish the sounds of pretty much the entire inventory of Woodstock Chimes tuned windchimes. And he can do this all by sound alone, without having to see the chimes.
Stephen Panaggio is an editor/writer/director of commercial and documentary films with the award-winning creative production team, Bradley Productions. He directed his first short documentary, "Resilient", a film about the late effects of cancer treatments, at age 22. His past work includes: "All God's Children", a short documentary about a series of children's homes and safe houses in Comayagua, Honduras, "Experience Grand Rapids", a video series about the neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, and is currently in post-production for a short dark comedy called "A Funeral Party".
Cast/Featuring: Tyler Doi, Sean Doi, Alison Doi, Garry Kvistad, Jamey Wolff, Stacey Bowers
Executive Producer(s): Kyle Venhousen
Producer(s): Kyle Venhousen
Director(s): Stephen Panaggio
Cinematographer(s): Jeremy Kruis
Editor(s): Stephen Panaggio, Jeremy Kruis, James Kessel, Jr.
Production Designer(s): Jeremy Kruis
Sound Designer(s): James Kessel, Jr.
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