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Missing Girl, The
Directed by
A.D. Calvo

USA / 2015 / 89

East Coast Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
A.D. Calvo
LIMITED TICKETS are available at ROSENDALE THEATRE for the Rosendale screening.

When watching writer/director A.D. Calvo's The Missing Girl it is hard to find anything, well... missing.

The Missing Girl follows quintessential comic book store owner, Morty, who has a hard time letting go of the past. His humdrum existence is dramatically changed when he hires the too-beautiful-to-be-working-as-a-clerk Ellen, a burgeoning artist and satirist with an appreciation of his meticulous yet grumpy nature. Integrating illustrations and split scenes in classic graphic novel layout, details of the characters desires are symbolically displayed in dream sequences or drawings by Ellen, who uses her art and her new day job to try and escape her former life as an erotic dancer. "I can't figure you out? Are you really a dweeb or are you just hiding?" Ellen says to herself while looking around Mort's apartment -- a question that coincides with the major theme of the film.

When Ellen seemingly disappears, our emotionally stunted hero transforms into a detective. The Missing Girl cleverly balances tension and suspense, fantasy and intrigue, as we search for a girl who perhaps isn't missing at all.

- Benjamin Scott

A.D. Calvo (b. Buenos Aires) completed his debut feature, The Other Side of the Tracks, in 2008. The film was released in 2010 by Showtime and internationally by FOX Television. His second feature, The Melancoly Fantastic, starring Robin Taylor of FOX's Gotham remains largely unreleased. In 2013, Calvo completed two young-adult horror films, The Midnight Game, which premiered at the Miami International Film Festival, and House of Dust. Both were released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The Missing Girl, a dark comedy, is a departure from Calvo's usual genre. Calvo is currently working on another horror film, his second collaboration with producer Mike S. Ryan.
Cast/Featuring: Robert Longstreet, Alexia Rasmussen, Eric Ladin, Thomas Jay Ryan, Shirley Knight, Kevin Corrigan, Sonja Sohn
Executive Producer(s): Albert Subbloie, Jr.
Producer(s): Mike S. Ryan
Director(s): A.D. Calvo
Screenwriter(s): A.D. Calvo
Cinematographer(s): Ava Berkofsky
Editor(s): Michael Taylor
Production Designer(s): Meredith Lippincott
Composer(s)/Music: Joe Carrano
Sound Designer(s): Joe Carrano
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