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When planning your festival schedule, please bear in mind that Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Rosendale and Saugerties
are located up to 30 minutes from one another. For venue locations and maps, see ticket info page.



Films in alphabetic order
The Brothers McLeod
5 Ways 2 Die
Daina Papadaki
A Small Section of the World
Lesley Chilcott
A Snake Gives Birth
to a Snake

Michael Lessac
Jonathan Wysocki
Adults, The
Jack Fessenden
Against The Wind
Tomasz Gubernat, Christopher Nostrand
All Relative
J.C. Khoury
All The Pain In The World
Tommaso Pitta
American Side, The
Jenna Ricker
Amira & Sam
Sean Mullin
Angel Azul
Marcelina Cravat
Antarctica 3D: On the Edge
Jon Bowermaster
Jonathan Van Tulleken
Samer Najari and Dominique Chila
Before I Disappear
Shawn Christensen
Better Angels, The
A.J. Edwards
Black Rock Creek
Malone Lumarda
Bless You
David Barlow-Krelina
Bread and Butter
Liz Manashil
Butter & Cheese
Tashi Dhondup
Captive Radio
Lauren Rosenfeld
Ant Blades
Catskill Park
Nina Warren
City So Fine
Michael Stevantoni
Patrick Brice
Dam Keeper, The
Robert Kondo, Dice Tsutsumi
Dirdy Birdy Redux
John Dilworth
Down In Shadowland
Tom DiCillo
East Jerusalem /
West Jerusalem

Erez Miller and Henrique Cymerman
Eat with Me
David Au
Emma Pittelman Untitled Film
Emma Pittelman
End of War, The
Bernard E. James
Enquiring Minds: The Untold Story of the Man Behind the National Enquirer
Ric Burns
Fallen Sun
Ivan Andrijanic
Fly Room, The
Alexis Gambis
Food Fight
Ejaniia Clayton and Nyzeria Bush
Bill Plympton
Frank and Azalee Austin
Zachary Kerschberg
Friends and Romans
Christopher Kublan
Game Changer, The
Indrani Kopal
Morgana McKenzie
Globe Trot
Mitchell Rose
Gloom (Perfidia)
David Figueroa García
Hand That Feeds, The
Rachel Lears, Robin Blotnick
How I Got Over
Nicole Boxer
I Believe In Unicorns
Leah Meyerhoff
Imitation Game, The
Morten Tyldum
In the Beginning
Arthur Metcalf
In the Land of the Blind (Regione Caecorum)
Drew Goldsmith
Isle of Seals (Ronu sala)
Edmunds Jansons
Jewish Girls Are Easy
Charlotte Glynn
Just Before I Go
Courteney Cox
Ali Akbarzadeh
Trey Edward Shults
Last Time You Had Fun, The
Mo Perkins
Late Phases
Adrián García Bogliano
Limited Partnership
Thomas G. Miller
Lipstick Stain, The
Dagny Looper
Khalil Sullins
Little Accidents
Sara Colangelo
Little White Lie
Lacey Schwartz
Jesse Kreitzer
Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles
Chuck Workman
Mahjong and the West
Joseph Muszynski
Man Who Saved
the World, The

Peter Anthony
Market Hours
Jon Goldman
Alix Lambert
Minimum Max
Joshua Ovalle
Alexander Bergmann
Monkey Rag
Joanna Davidovich
My Kingdom
Debra Solomon
Jun Bung Lee
Noise Eater, The
Emma Pittelman and Casey Hall
One Armed Man
Tim Guinee
Oracle Stayed at Home, The
Dante Kanter
Organs - The Uncluded
Rob Shaw
Our Curse (Nasza Klatwa)
Tomasz Sliwinski
Pale Little Ghost Girl - Mark Donato
Beck Underwood
Passing Ellenville
Gene Fischer and Samuel Centore
Patrick's Day
Terry McMahon
Pauly Shore Stands Alone
Pauly Shore
Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness
Patrick Smith
Playing With Parkinson's
Burrill Crohn
Points of Origin
Anya Leta
Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year On The Gay Rodeo
Matt Livadary
Red Lines
Andrea Kalin and Oliver Lukacs
Red Robin,The
Michael Z. Wechsler
Kimberly Levin
Michael Cohn
Satellite Beach
Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson
Lucas Spaulding
Cyril Aris
Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian
Sisterhood of Night,The
Caryn Waechter
Sleeping with a Friend - Neon Trees
Brad and Brian Palmer
Paul Lazarus
So You've Grown Attached
Kate Tsang
Star Without A Name
Ariel Cohen
Start Again - Bishop Allen
Chad Smith and Justin Rice
Stray Dog
Debra Granik
Merav Elbaz Belschner
Suffering Kind, The
Kevin Liddy
Iva Gocheva
Signe Baumane
Davur Djurhuus
They Came at Night
Andrew Ellis and Alex Mallis
Todd Who?
Gavin Bond and Ian Abercromby
Too Alone
Chi Kit Chan
Twelve-Foot-Tall Rabbits Of Rokeby Farm
Samuel Crow, Rubi Rose
Twiller Parkour #2
Morgan Miller
Two Men in Town
Rachid Bouchareb
Two Raging Grannies
Håvard Bustnes
Uncertain Terms
Nathan Silver
Untitled Film on "World Citizen #1" Garry Davis
Arthur Kanegis
Wait For It - Papertwin
Juliet Lashinsky-Revene, Marc Fratello
Waning Wolf
Ian Todaro
War Photographers, The
Steven Kochones
Whiskey Pick - Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones
Emily Carragher
White Rabbit
Tim McCann
Why Do I Study Physics?
Xiangjun Shi
Why I'm Not On Facebook
Brant Pinvidic
Frank Hall Green
Winter Morning (Vetrarmorgun)
Sakaris Stórá
Yarmouth Road - Mike Gordon
Philip Andelman
Young Housefly, The
Laurence Vannicelli
Young Kieslowski, The
Kerem Sanga
Your Direction - The Boy Dahlia
Lauren Rachel Brady
Zhukya (The Gum)
Olga Makarchuk
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