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Eat with Me
Directed by
David Au

USA / 2014 / 95

New York Premiere

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David Au, Joyce Liu-Countryman, Sharon Omi, Jamila Alina
Love and food intersect in Eat with Me, where the quest to overcome loneliness reunites Emma and her estranged son, Elliot. When she shows up at Elliot’s apartment for a short stay, secrets abound and conflicts develop. Elliot struggles with his sexual identity while trying to keep his small restaurant afloat. The one thing mother and son do connect over is their love of Asian cooking, which revitalizes their relationship with love and understanding.

Eat with Me from director David Au, is a fresh and well-prepared film delivering exhilarating music, mouth watering food and unexpected humanity. –Sam Robotham

David Au was born and raised in Hong Kong. At 18, he decided to move to Madison, Wisconsin, where he spent most of the next 4 years shivering. He graduated with a degree in Journalism and Theatre/Drama from University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2002, he quit his advertising job in Chicago to move to Los Angeles to study film. There, he wrote and directed his first short film Fresh Like Strawberries (Premiered at the 2004 San Francisco Asian American Film Festival).

David had also edited feature narrative films The American Dream, August and documentary feature Bodysex With Betty Dodson.

Cast/Featuring: Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan, George Takei, Aidan Bristow, Jamila Alina, Ken Narasaki, Scott Keiji Takeda, Burt Grinstead
Producer(s): Joyce Liu-Countryman, Michelle Ehlen, David Au
Director(s): David Au
Screenwriter(s): David Au
Cinematographer(s): Amanda Treyz
Editor(s): David Au
Production Designer(s): Susan Anderson
Composer(s)/Music: Unobahn, Hit The Ground Running, Sam David
Courtesy of: Wolfe Video

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