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American Jesus
Directed by
Aram Garriga

USA, Spain / 2013 / 78

World Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

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Q&A Attendees
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Aram Garriga, Larry Fessenden, Brent Kunkle
Why is there a polarization between the Left and the Right within American Society? Why are there millions of Americans waiting for the end of the world? How does that effect American foreign policy in the Middle East? Why is Christian Pop Culture a growing multi-billion dollar industry? How does spirituality express through the American Dream?

These are some of the questions that American Jesus explores through a wide array of characters that truly represent the American social texture in its very different spheres. Christian organizations, Christian pop culture specialists, secular analysts, apocalyptic preachers and their view of the End Times, Christian bikers, cowboys & wrestlers, creating an enriching and otherwise impossible dialog and drawing a map of American Christianity as it remains today.

American Jesus offers a unique and unseen approach to a subject that has been under constant exploration over the last decades, portraying a wide array of characters from a non-judgemental perspective and letting the viewer extract his own conclusions.

Aram Garriga runs the Barcelona based media design & film production company, Visualsuspects. His directorial work includes the 2010 award-winning documentary, Introspective, which offers a portrait of underground or indie music as an emotional allegory of our global societies. He has served as director or producer on nearly a dozen music videos and short documentaries.
Cast/Featuring: Frank Schaeffer Jr., Pastor Phil Aguilar, Jason David Frank, Mara Einstein, Douglas Rushkoff, Steve Taylor, Michelle Goldberg
Executive Producer(s): Joan Salvat, Muntsa Tarrés, Andrés Luque Pérez
Producer(s): Larry Fessenden, Brent Kunkle, Carles Torres, Aram Garriga
Director(s): Aram Garriga
Screenwriter(s): Aram Garriga, Xavi Prat
Cinematographer(s): Benet Román
Editor(s): Aram Garriga
Composer(s)/Music: Erisian, Zlaya Hadzic
Sound Designer(s): Zlaya Hadzic
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