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Town Hall
Directed by
Sierra Pettengill and Jamila Wignot

USA / 2013 / 74

New York Premiere

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Sierra Pettengill, Jamila Wignot
Town Hall casts an unflinching eye at Katy and John, two Tea Party activists from the battleground state of Pennsylvania during the 2012 Presidential election, who believe America's salvation lies in a return to true conservative values.

In Katy, we see a political novice rocketed to media stardom after a sensational confrontation at a town hall meeting with her senator. A young stay-at-home mom turned Tea Party spokesperson, she is gifted a new identity, steeled by the voices of conservative media.

For John, a retired former businessman and lifelong Republican, the America he knows is slipping away. Heading up a local Tea Party group is his last, best chance at stanching the changes he is witnessing all around him.

More than a political treatise, Town Hall immerses the viewer in Katy and John’s world, painting a portrait of the fears of those who believe they will be left behind by a nation's transition.

Sierra Pettengill is a Brooklyn-based producer and director. She is the producer of Cutie and the Boxer (Sundance '13), the archival producer of Matt Wolf's Teenage (Tribeca '13), as well as the associate producer of several award-winning PBS documentaries, and HBO's Warton: 1860 - 2010, produced by James Gandolfini. Town Hall is her directorial debut.

Jamila Wignot is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her 2008 film Walt Whitman was nominated for an Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking. She also produced the fourth episode for WNET's series The Supreme Court, which was a 2007 IDA Limited Series winner. Her most recent film, Triangle Fire, broadcast in 2011 and won a Peabody Award.

Producer(s): Sierra Pettengill, Jamila Wignot
Director(s): Sierra Pettengill and Jamila Wignot
Cinematographer(s): Zachary Heinzerling
Editor(s): Cindy Lee
Composer(s)/Music: Area C
Sound Designer(s): Jim Briggs III
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