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Sick Birds Die Easy
Directed by
Nik Fackler

USA / 2013 / 86

US Premiere

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Nik Fackler
“Only through searching can the universe experience itself.” Director Nik Fackler takes audiences along with a motley crew of addicts and personalities into the heart of Western Africa on a search for enlightenment with the help of iboga, a natural shrub made illegal in the 1960s due to its potent psychedelic properties. The group quickly finds itself trapped in Eden with the devil and God, or perhaps Fackler’s version of this, where the camera is God while Ross, a drug-addicted conspiracy theorist, represents humanity.

Sick Birds Die Easy reveals human mental apocalypse as Fackler and friends search for meaning among madness, fact and fiction blending seamlessly as the crew heads deeper into the jungle. What initially began as a trip towards enlightenment becomes a desperate attempt at maintaining safety and sanity when the party turns sour, the fear of an ancient curse tearing relationships apart and resulting in a drug-addled if not edifying journey. –Chandra Knotts

Born and currently living in Omaha, NE, Nik made his screen writing and directorial debut with the feature film Lovely, Still, starring Oscar winners Ellen Burstyn and Martin Landau. The 2008 release earned Fackler an Independent Spirit Award Nomination for Best First Screenplay.

Fackler’s career began as a teenager making music videos for Saddle Creek Records bands such as Azure Ray, Bright Eyes and The Good Life. His most recent videos have been for his own band, Icky Blossoms, which released its debut album on Saddle Creek July 17. Icky Blossoms spent 2012 touring internationally and are currently writing their next record.

Executive Producer(s): Stephen Hays
Producer(s): Dana Altman, Stephen Hays
Director(s): Nik Fackler
Screenwriter(s): Nik Fackler
Cinematographer(s): Dana Altman, Sean Kirby
Editor(s): Nik Fackler
Composer(s)/Music: Sam Martin
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