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Cloisters, The • Yasou Benedict
Directed by
Steve Durand

USA / 2013 / 3:47

World Premiere

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Expressions of inner turmoil caused by love lost come to life in the surreal dreamscape of this story. Emotions powerful enough to affect not only the human condition but the workings of the natural world play out on a hauntingly beautiful remote mountain top. Sometimes the desire to travel through time and space to revisit or correct a wrong can be powerful enough to manifest that potential.
Steve Durand is a music producer, film maker and photographer from Montreal. His music studio Dioramaland, situated in one of the grand Victorian homes of Hudson NY is a bustling hub for the creation and production of music, visuals and the combination thereof. Steve begun his musical career playing guitar in the seminal Ottawa Punk band The Trapt. Soon after moving to Montreal he formed the band Tinker with Melissa Auf der Maur. After releasing 2 singles and 2 full length albums, Steve moved to a country house to set up a music studio. This would be the beginning of a very busy chapter in the writing, scoring placing (film and tv syncs) and producing of music of many styles and genres. Recently Steve has completed a short film about skateboarding for the national film board of Canada. 2012 also saw the completion of a feature length film in which he co-directed, co-starred and co-wrote with creative partner Gavin McCinnes, 'The Brotherhood of the Travelling Rants available in the fall of 2013 on Netflix.
Cast/Featuring: Lillie Bytheway Hoy, Wren Bytheway Hoy
Producer(s): Chalkstar productions
Director(s): Steve Durand
Cinematographer(s): Steve Durand
Editor(s): Steve Durand, Wren Bytheway Hoy
Composer(s)/Music: Yassou Benedict


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