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Compositor, The
Directed by
John Mattiuzzi

USA / 2012 / 31:49

New York Premiere

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John Mattiuzzi
An autobiographical sci-fi fantasy film that follows Paul Paxton, a slave artist working in the film industry, who begins to question his own existence, and the realities that he is forced to create. These questions lead him to anger, and that anger, quickly to rage. With little hope and nothing to lose, Paul rages war against the very same system he is sworn to uphold, in a desperate attempt to free himself from the suffocating grip of physical and psychological slavery.
John Mattiuzzi is an award-winning filmmaker; actor, artist, and visual effects professional. He absolutely lives for the creative process. (Wait a minute? Correction...) He is utterly and overwhelmingly consumed by the creative process. (Ah! Okay. That's a bit more honest!)

As a filmmaker, John has traversed two worlds--documentary and fiction filmmaking. He has found spiritual satisfaction and fascination with challenging his perception of reality. In 2012, these compelling visions became the basis for his student Academy Award winning, sci-fi fantasy film, The Compositor.

In 2006 he also co-directed La Americana, an award-winning feature documentary that aired on National Geographic Mundo, Al Jazeera, and PBS WORLD series: America ReFramed. His latest film, Frankenstorm: From Across the East River, documents the electrifying Con Edison explosion that blinded NYC during hurricane Sandy.

When disentangled from his digital reality, @JohnMa2z can be found visiting his real life. His friends and family are always surprised and delighted by these rare occasions.

Cast/Featuring: John Mattiuzzi, Gloria Mattiuzzi, Marusya Panchenko, Ana Berry, Len Rella, Thomas Hoyt Godfrey, Rashelle Stocker, Linda Leven, Bill Corry, Sarah Chiesa, Jennifer Schelhorn
Executive Producer(s): John Mattiuzzi
Producer(s): John Mattiuzzi, Jennifer Schelhorn
Director(s): John Mattiuzzi
Screenwriter(s): John Mattiuzzi, Anney Bonney
Cinematographer(s): Eric Branco
Editor(s): John Mattiuzzi
Composer(s)/Music: Edward Mattiuzzi, Jarryd Lowder, Daniel Sierra, David Rhoderick, Alastair Cameron, Elena Babijtchouk. Emery Ames, Jessica Elizabeth Kelly
Sound Designer(s): John Mattiuzzi
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