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Magic Men
Directed by
Ted Wallach

USA / 2012 / 80

World Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

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Q&A Attendees
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Ted Wallach, Jason Sosnoff
"Pick a card, any card." The illusion and mystery of even the simplest magic trick can be incredibly captivating. However, for some, being a magician is much more than just making cards disappear. In this emotionally charged documentary, the audience follows the story of two troubled teenagers from Queens, NY who found magic as an escape from the gangs, drugs, depression, poverty and violence that once ruled their lives. As the two struggle through the roadblocks in their path to becoming famous magicians, they learn that certain things can't be made to vanish with a wave of the hand, but their persistent and diligent work can lead them to a happier place.

With narration from Executive Producer and Hip-Hop luminary, Common, Magic Men is a hopeful tale that is sure to make you believe that, if you look hard enough, magic is indeed real. –Sam Robotham

Ted Wallach has been directing films for twelve years and has been a creative director for We Create Space, a design company, for five years. He has an MFA in directing from Sarah Lawrence College, and graduated from film school in Denmark. His last film Layover, about a couple trapped in an infinite airport, was created with an extensive VFX team and played at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. Ted directed a music video in Dubai which garnered 9.5 million views on YouTube and a nomination at the MTV awards. Over the last four years he has been directing his first feature film, a documentary about inner city kids who escape the streets by becoming magicians. Ted has co-directed two Bollywood films and cut his teeth under Martin Scorsese on The Aviator.
Cast/Featuring: David Blaine, Common
Executive Producer(s): Common, Derek Dudley
Producer(s): Jason Sosnoff
Director(s): Ted Wallach
Cinematographer(s): Adam Jandrup
Editor(s): William Haugse
Composer(s)/Music: Mark Baechle
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