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Directed by
Rodrigo Reyes

USA / 2012 / 80

East Coast Premiere
In English and Spanish with subtitles

Screening Times and Venues:

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Q&A Attendees
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Rodrigo Reyes

10/4 Special Guest Lucila Moctezuma- Women Make Movies

TALK ON: The US-Mexico Border: Who decides who comes and who goes? Who gets to tell the story, whose story is it anyway?

A line in the sand is drawn in Purgatorio, where only the desperate and courageous dare cross. Documentary director Rodrigo Reyes questions the role of humanity on planet earth and how the divisions we’ve created between one another have set in motion a millennium of adversities.

Fast forward to present day, where the border between the United States and Mexico echoes the mistakes of generations past as immigrants are taking great pains to find a better life north of the Rio Grande. They will endure heat exhaustion, dehydration, sexual assault and much worse. All of this to escape a world from where even the most devout must work from dawn until dusk under the baking sun in order to survive. Even then, the fatal whims of a stray bullet can still threaten to cut short a life of perdition, and deliver them to whatever waits beyond. –Terence Gardner

Born in Mexico City in 1983, Rodrigo Reyes attended college in UC San Diego, as well as Madrid and Mexico City, earning degree in International Studies. Instead of following this career path, Reyes channeled his multi-cultural background into becoming a filmmaker.

Reyes has directed several documentaries exploring Mexico, including the experimental narrative Memories of the Future. In 2012, he was selected to the prestigious IFP Filmmaker Labs with his latest documentary Purgatorio. In 2013 this film premiered at Guadalajara IFF as well as Los Angeles Film Festival, to great reviews. Shortly afterwards he was named one of the 25 New Faces of Film by Filmmaker Magazine.

Executive Producer(s): Hugo Perez
Producer(s): Inti Cordera
Director(s): Rodrigo Reyes
Cinematographer(s): Justin Chin
Editor(s): Manuel Tsingaris
Composer(s)/Music: Rodrigo Cordero
Sound Designer(s): Jose Inerzia
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