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Directed by
Lance Oppenheim

USA / 2013 / 7:31
Pine Crest School, Boca Raton, FL

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A week prior to his passing, Lance Oppenheim's grandfather shared his former aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. After numerous hardships, a narrow escape from the Nazis and an immigration to the US, his grandfather's dream slowly, but surely, faded away. After his grandfather's passing, Lance uncovered an archival trove of dust-covered 8mm film that had seemingly not been viewed by anyone for at least a generation.
Mesmerized, what unfolded before Lance was something most people have never witnessed before: the development and utter decline of the human body and mind. Motivated by his grandfather's unfulfilled dreams of filmmaking, Lance decided to piece together a film that his grandfather had already unwittingly made. quicksand is not only a personal tribute to Lance's grandfather nor father, but to anyone that has ever experienced loss. Whether it be a loss of a loved one, or a loss of memories, quicksand embodies the enigma of life and death.
Born and raised in South Florida, Lance is a 17-year-old filmmaker who directs, produces, and edits award-winning short films.
Lance's films have been official selections at over 22 international festivals. Two of his films have been featured as Vimeo Staff Picks.
His works have won awards at eight national festivals, including the San Francisco International Film Festival, and his most recent film, quicksand, has been nationally televised on PBS.
A number of Lance's films have been commissioned by various national, non-profit organizations, including frequent collaborator, The Opp-Guide to Community Service.
During his summers, Lance works for The Weinstein Company and Hasbro/Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA. While in LA, Lance also collaborates on various independent projects.
Producer(s): The Opp-Guide
Director(s): Lance Oppenheim
Cinematographer(s): Lance Oppenheim
Editor(s): Lance Oppenheim
Sound Designer(s): Lance Oppenheim


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