Movies Alphabetically
28 and Counting
Zack Bernstein and Christian Vogeler
3 Backyards
Eric Mendelsohn
5 Variations on a Long String
Peter Esmonde
A Circle and Three Lines
Jan Selby
A Euphoric Relationship
Ileen Gutgarts
A Legacy Under the Rubble
Frero Pierre
A Look Through My Eyes
Shalaun D. Nelson
A Notion of Pretty
Edith Lerner
A NY Thing
Olivier Lécot
Lew Baldwin
Ben Casey, Ben Clube and Matt Smart
Anna Blume
Vessela Dantcheva
Anyone's Song
Michael Vincent, Robbie Barclay
Roman Rhyse-Kleckanda
Appropriate Sex
Shandor Garrison
Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy
Bobby Sheehan
Banana Bread
Barton Landsman
Battle of the Sexes
Misc. Directors
Beautiful Darling - The Life and Times of Andy Warhol Superstar Candy Darling
James Rasin
Bitter Feast
Joe Maggio
Black Ops Arabesque
Jared Drake
Born Sweet
Cynthia Wade
Camp Victory, Afghanistan (The Director's Cut)
Carol Dysinger
Can We Talk
WFF Youth Initiative Group
Bayard Jean Bernard
Jeffrey Fine
Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
Alex Gibney
Colonel's Bride, The
Brent Stewart
Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger, The
Bill Plympton
Crying Man
Vadim Janvier
Disappearance of McKinley Nolan, The
Henry Corra
Don't Go in the Woods
Vincent D'Onofrio
Don't Quit Your Daydream
Clark Stiles and Merritt Lear
Bennett Elliott
Down to The Bone
Peter Ahern
First Circle
Heather Rae
Heidi Ewing, Alex Gibney, Seth Gordon, Rachel Grady, Eugene Jarecki, Morgan Spurlock
Jonathan Lisecki
Tony Leech
Jeff Reichert
God of Love
Luke Matheny
Joy Vaccese, Noelle Vaccese, James Buran
Goodbye Chicken, Farewell Goat
Julius Onah
Grace Paley: Collected Shorts
Lilly Rivlin
Grande Mere
Roudeline Michel
Hardest Part, The
Oliver Refson
Helena From the Wedding
Joseph Infantolino
Hello Lonesome
Adam Reid
Help to Survive
(Aider Pour Survivre)

Ralphden Laurent
Henry's Crime
Malcolm Venville
Hide and Seek
Matt Tompkins
Hirosaki Players
Jeff Sousa
Horror At Glen Atty, The
Brent Kunkle
I'm Still Alive
Keziah Jean
Imperialists Are Still Alive, The
Zeina Durra
In the Wake of the Flood
Ron Mann
Baltasar Kormakur
Mike Magidson
John G. Morris 'Eleven Frames'
Douglas Sloan
Journey from Zanskar
Frederick Marx
Junko's Shamisen
Solomon Friedman
Junkyard Jesus
Christoph Kuschnig
Kids Grow Up, The
Doug Block
Hila Shuchoy
Le Jour de Seisme
Simeus Fritzner
Angela Steffen
Lennon NYC
Michael Epstein
Giulio Ricciarelli
Live Girls
Pamela Romanowsky
Locksmith, The
Brad Barnes and Todd Barnes
Look at Me
Lucson Bellegarde
Lost Tribes of New York City, The
Andy and Carolyn London
Love and Theft
Andreas Hykade
Made in India
Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha
Jeff Malmberg
Me Time
Matt Schuman
Merchant of Venice
Lauren Tischler
Miriam's Song
Shabnam Piryaei
Mobilisation - Allah MP2 Real
Manasse Fortune and Ilrique Perrin
Music Scene
Anthony Francisco Schepperd
My Life with Carlos
German Berger-Hertz
My So-Called Enemy
Lisa Gossels
Neda's Eyes
Planet Pictures
New Tenants, The
Joachim Back
Nice Guy Johnny
Edward Burns
Jonathan Segal
Nothing Happened
Julia Kots
Off Season
Jonathan Van Tulleken
Old Fangs
Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly
On A Roll
Kate Riedl
On the Terrace of a Thousand Yellow Suns
Luca Balser
One Lucky Elephant
Lisa Leeman
Overlooked, The
Marco Saint-Juste
Addison Cook
Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune
Kenneth Bowser
Position, The
Kevin Stocklin
Prayers for Peace
Dustin Grella
Ray Charles America
Alexis Manya Spraic
Resurrection Man
Jonas Carpignano
Rising by Lhasa De Sela
Kathleen Weldon, Alex McLean
Mustapha Khan
Ron Geffen: Music Producer
Tyler Silver
Roscoe Holcomb: From Daisy Kentucky
John Cohen
Shadow of the Road
(Betzel Ha Derech)

Yaniv Linton
Silent March
Huguens Saintil
Singularity is Near, The
A True Story About the Future

Anthony Waller and Ray Kurzweil
SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories
Jon Bowermaster
some boys don't leave
Maggie Kiley
Some Dogs Bite
Marc Munden
Sounds Like a Revolution
Summer Love and Jane Michener
Stake Land
Jim Mickle
John Curran
Stranger Things
Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal
Sunday Punch
Dennis Hauck
Barry Feinstein
Teat Beat of Sex:
episodes Hair and Soul

Signe Baumane
Tender Mercies
preceded by conversation
with Bruce Beresford

Bruce Beresford
Tent in the Water
Yvette Lamour
Tested, The
Russell Costanzo
Watermelon Man
Matt Morris
We'll Be Alright
Jarek Zabczynski
We'll Be Back
Silvio Dieudonne
Welcome To The Rileys
Jake Scott
What I Love
WFF Youth Initiative
White Irish Drinkers
John Gray
William S. Burroughs:
A Man Within

Yony Leyser
Laura Israel
World Without Numbers
Mitchell Rose
Brian D. Johnson


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