Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001
Time Tinker Street Cinema Bearsville Theater
1:00 Student Shorts
baby, the box, clay pride, horses on mars, sitting next to bernie, size matters, values, waldemar, walk
3:00 Emerging Filmmakers, Program 1
cadaverous, helicopter,
melting glass, trainwreck
5:00 The American Astronaut  
7:00 Opening Night Film
9:00 Moon Over Broadway Opening Night Gala
Featuring Marshall Crenshaw, Uncle Funk,
Kate Pierson, Sara Lee & Gail Ann Dorsey
Friday, Sept. 21, 2001
  Tinker Street Cinema Bearsville Theater New World Home Cooking Center For Photography
10:00       HDTV
Pre-production (free)
11:00 Chelsea Walls
US Premiere
    Equipment and Gear for HD Productions and Beyond
12:00   Christmas In the Clouds NYWIFT presents Girlfight panel & reception
(20% discount for
NYWIFT  members)
1:00 Chelsea Walls
US Premiere
Production seminar
2:30   Passages    
3:00 Shorts by Women
breaking up with bob, jack & diane, low down underground, the loneliness of animals, the shangri-la cafe
Post Production
4:00   You Don't Know Me world premiere    
4:30 Acts of Worship
NY Premiere
Art Center
5:30       HDTV Screening Demo (free)
6:00   Jonas Mekas, Avant Garde Program #1 Children's Program  
6:30 Cahoots
 NY Premiere
8:00   Digging For Dutch:
The Search for the Lost Treasure of Dutch Schultz
World Premiere
Women of Jazz, NY
US Premiere
9:00 Glamour
 NY Premiere
9:30     Inside Out in the Open  
10:00   Music Videos -
He Shoots, He scores
11:00 Existo      
Saturday, Sept. 22, 2001
  Tinker Street Cinema Bearsville Theater Woodstock Community Center Utopia Studios Byrdcliffe Theater
10:00am Shorts Program #1- Love in the morning TBA   Actors Dialogue
with Stanley Tucci
, Liev Schreiber and Keith Carradine
Children's Media Project, Animation Project
12:00 Sam the Man KPFA on the Air Short Docs Program    
12:30       Distributing Your Film Seminar  
1:30   Buffalo War      
2:00 Margarita Happy Hour   Garbage, Gangsters & Greed    
2:30         Children's Media Project, Mini Movie project
3:00   Seeking Heat with
Los Amigos
World Premiere
4:00 The Impure Glance   Undetectable    
5:00   Jonas Mekas Avant Garde Program #2      
5:30     Freedom Downtime
world premiere
Kleinert/James Art Center  
6:00       Dance Shorts  
6:30 Wendigo
NY Premiere
7:00   How's Your News      
7:30       Weird Animation with Bill Plympton  
8:00     Burning Man
world premiere
8:30 Down & Out With the Dolls
US Premiere
9:00   Peroxide Passion      
9:30       From Stage to Screen with Actors & Writers ( The Colony Cafe
10:00     Quadrophenia   The Village Voice presents The Billy Nayer Show
10:30 King Midas
world premiere
Sunday, September 23, 2001
  Tinker Street Cinema Bearsville Theater Woodstock Community Center Fletcher Gallery Utopia Studios
10:00am Sound & Vision ($15)
11:00am Emerging Filmmakers Program #2
halfway there, trade day, the transformation, the terms
11:30am     Routine    
12:00   Sonic Cinema     Music Documentaries
with D A Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, Albert Maysles, & Leon Gast ($15)
1:00 Girls Can't Swim   Asbury Shorts ( Digital Filmmaking
1:30   Jonas Mekas Avant Garde Part 3      
3:00 Down From The Mountain   Shorts Program #2 - Wacky Packs   Movies That Matter  
3:30   Recoil
East Coast Premiere
5:00 Closing Night Film
NY Premiere
  Sean, Now & Then    
7:00 Wendigo @7:15

Award Ceremony      
9:00   Closing Night Gala, featuring      

Other events include

Elmer Bernstein workshop, Sunday, September 23 @ 1pm. Location tbd.

Final Cut demo, Saturday and Sunday at the Center for Photography @ 3pm

Interactive forum, Saturday and Sunday at the Center for Photography @ 5pm

Woodstock Vignettes featuring Bhagavan Das and Jim Morrison, Saturday @1pm at the Fletcher Gallery



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