Curated by Jeremiah Newton

21 minutes, color, 2001

While crossing rural America in their dilapidated station wagon, a Midwestern family finds a baby at a rest stop, recently birthed and abandoned in a Chex party mix box.   This is only the beginning of a wild goose chase across the cornfields and back highways of the heartland.

Bridget Bedard is originally from Utah, but now lives and works in New York
City, where she recently completed her MFA in Film at New York University.
Her work has been supported by many grants and Foundations, including the
National Endowment for the Arts, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and
Sciences, and the Dick Vague Foundation.  For her work on "Baby,"  she was
recently named Best Female Student Director of 2001 by the Director's Guild
of America.  It premiered at Sundance, 2001.

Cast Terry Hempleman, Laura Esping, Siera Casey, Ariel Begley,Brooke Elise Bushman
Writer/Director, Bridget Bedard
Producer, Annie Howell
Director of Photography, Brian Rigney Hubbard
Editor, Marc Cohen
Composer, Daniel Belardinelli
Production Designer, Ryan Cooper

History and Awards

"Baby" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, 2001, and subsequently
screened at the New York University Showcase in the Clermont-Ferrand Short
Film Festival, France.   It was recently  named the sole recipient of the
Wasserman Screenwriting Award at New York University's First Run Festival,
while also winning  a King Foundation award for directing.  Consequently it
screened at the Director's Guild of America, Los Angeles,  in New York
Magazine's Evening of Superior Films.   It  was highlighted in "Best of
Sundance"  at the Nashville Film Festival, and won Best Short Film  in the
USA film festival, Dallas.

Bridget Bedard
38 Prospect Park SW#17
Brooklyn, NY 11215
917 407 1782

The Box
Directed by: Stefan Gronsky
UC Berkeley/2000/color/5min

A blob finds a mysterious box that fell from the sky in this computer-animated short film.

Stefan Gronsky's computer graphics and filmmaking obsession began at age 6 with an Apple Macintosh 512KE and a Sony 8mm video camera. A self-taught artist/filmmaker, Stefan is studying computer science at UC Berkeley. He has worked at Tippett Studio and interned at Pixar.


Clay Pride: Being Clay in America

Directed by David Karlsberg and Jon Watts

NYU/2001/color/4 min

Clay Pride stars the voices of Trevor Lissaauer (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Felicity), Leonard Termo, (Fight Club, The Cotton Club) Joel Michaely (But I'm a Cheerleader, Can't Hardly Wait) and Ronnie White.

The film has recently been named a Wasserman Semi-Finalist at NYU's First Run Film Festival. It also won an Achievement in Animation Award.

For more information about the film please visit www.claypride.com.

Horses on Mars
Directed by Eric Anderson, USC

A microbe’s four billion year journey across the solar system to find home.

After Eric Anderson received his degree from the University of Kentucky, he began writing and making short films in earnest along with delivering many, many pizzas. He is now directing his thesis film at the University of Southern California.

Size Matters
A short film by Eric Juhola
2001/color/21 mins/16mm

A young girl is sent to Fat Camp where she rebels the only way she can -
by eating...and before long, the whole camp gets involved.

Born and raised on the South Shore of Boston, Eric received a Bachelor
of Fine Arts from New York University's Kanbar Institute of Film &

Director: Eric Juhola
Producer: Helen Lee
Cinematographer: Reed Morano
Editor: Eric Juhola, Jeff Dawson
Cast: Jessie Haar Horowitz, Helene Galek, Nancy McDoniel, Jeff Mancini

Contact: (print source)
Eric Juhola
Still Point Pictures
61 East 8th Street #391
New York, NY 10003

Sitting Next to Bernie
Directed by Aidan Kelly
Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design/2001/color/6min

A peaceful morning of papier mache is disturbed by the sudden appearance of a familiar face. This film explores the fragility of relationships and the time that binds them.

Aidan Kelly created Sitting Next to Bernie as a graduate project for her Bachelor of Media Arts at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada.

Directed by Van Phan, USC

By imposing his own values upon his child, a father realizes what he truly values. Values was named best animated short at SIGGRAPH 2001.

Van Phan
is a recent graduate of USC. Currently he is an animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks and hopes to complete another short film in the near future.

Van Phan
4644 W 137th Street unit A,
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(310) 644-3726

Directed by Michael Blank
In the dry, empty desert landscape roams a powerful wizard, Waldemar. He is invincible (that it what we are to think). Yet on his long path through the desert we learn that even Wizards have limitations to their power.
Producer: Michael Blank
Screenwriter: Michael Blank
Editor: Michael Blank
Composer: Alexander Blank
Sound: Alexander Gerasimoch (Doubler II Studio)


An animated short by Jeff Drew (Jeff Drew Pictures)

New York Premiere

Join Edgar, the man, and Gigi, the dog, on a casual stroll through a wacky cut and paste neighborhood filled with drunk clowns, smoking grandmas, and sidewalk preachers.  Who knows what may be down the next block, or what lies in store for Gigi at the end of the Walk?

Jeff Drew is a 1996 graduate of John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana with a degree in Fine Art and Illustration.  He later moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and as luck would have it, he stumbled onto the animation program at the local community college, TVI.  Jeff currently resides in Albuquerque, working as a freelance illustrator and animator, with his wife, who is a teacher, and their four cats, who don’t do much of anything.

Principal Cast and Credits
Everything was created by Jeff Drew, excluding the main theme music,
“Powerhouse Pop”, which was composed and performed by Keith Mansfield, 1969
KPM Music Ltd.  And the old smoker ladies voice at the very end was my lovely
wife, Portia Sharp.

Jeff Drew Pictures
(505) 265-1556
No website at this time, but look for one soon!