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Sunday, September 24, 2000 at the Tinker Street Cinema

10 am


Introduced by Steve Charney

Steve Charney is a nationally known children's entertainer, magician,
ventriloquist, radio programmer, songwriter, children’s author, recording artist and all- around nut.

His many books, audio and videotapes  have been published with Troll, Metacom, Crown and Scholastic

For over  twenty years Steve Charney, with his dummy, Harry, has  hosted and written his own radio program "Knock On Wood" a zany comedy show. It has aired on dozens of radio stations around the country.

Steve and Harry perform at festivals, theaters and schools around the world as well. Their off beat comedy featuring magic, music, ventriloquism and verbal mayhem have caused families to shake with laughter for two decades.

Steve has written dozens of songs for "Bear in the Big Blue House" a Jim Henson TV program that airs daily on the Disney Channel.

2000/color/29.50 mins/35mm
Director, producer, screenwriter, editor: Jack Murray
Cinematographer: Robert Bennet, Erich Volksdorf
Cast: Cloyde Howard, Chris & Tim Wylie

Worldsound follows the world skipping travels of two rival brothers to a serene, mystical planet. When the "worldsound" or life energy of this planet becomes infected by the boys, the entire planet twists into violence. As the forces of evil converge upon the boys, the introverted younger brother embarks upon the ultimate rite of passage.


Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jack Murray moved to Los Angeles to attend graduate school at the University of Southern California where he earned a Masters of Fine Arts. The 16 mm film, Worldsound, was conceived during that time. Since completing his MFA, Murray has been working in physical
production as a Production Supervisor while pursuing projects of his own.

Jack Murray
4613 Jessica Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065
323 259-9446


1999/color/30 min/35mm
Director, producer, screenwriter, editor: Victoria Sampson
Co-Producer: Chantal Marie
Cinematographer: Jennifer Lane
Composer: Marcy Vaj
Cast: Isabel Sanford, Kelly Boczek, Nancy Kandal, Charles Kahlenberg

Isabel Sanford stars as a homeless woman in this magical tale of a mentally challenged young woman who hides from her parents' incessant arguing by playing and drawing rainbows in her garage. One night, while looking for her cat, she finds a bag lady hiding in the garage and assumes she's found her very own fairy Godmother, a role the bag lady doesn't deny!

After working as a Feature Film Sound Editor since 1973, Victoria Rose Sampson is pursuing her writing and directing career with her second short film "Click Three Times".

Victoria Rose Sampson
6638 Norwich Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91405
Tel: 818 997-6162
800 921-6213


AMERICAN SHORTS (Click for full lineup)

1:30 pm

1999/color/103 mins/35mm

Overseas Filmgroup presents:
Director, screenwriter: Mari Kornhauser
Producer: Louis Nader
Cinematographer: Garrett Fisher
Editor: Kyle Curry & Walid J. Mouness
Composer: Mark Binder
Cast: Katharina Wressnig, Peter Sarsgaard, Angeline Ball

Having survived a vicious rape, Marie remains traumatized and tormented by nightmares and panic attacks. She takes in a boarder whose odd behavior is not only unsettling but possibly dangerous.

Mari Kornhauser, who makes her directorial debut with Housebound, previously wrote and co-produced tow independent feature films, Zandalee, starring Nicholas Cage and The Last Ride, starring Mickey Rourke. She has also written on assignment for 20th century Fox, Tri-Star and Demi Moor and worked in script development for Bette Midler. She is a UCLA Film School graduate and divides her time between Los Angeles and New Orleans, occasionally teaching screenwriting at Louisiana State University in Baton rouge.

Riaya Aboul Ela
First Look Pictures/Overseas Filmgroup
8800 Sunset Blvd. 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069
t 310 855-1199
f 310 855-0152

3:30 pm


A film by Ed Radtke
1999/color/99 mins/35mm
Directed by Ed Radtke
Produced by Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar and Ed Radtke
Written by Ed Radtke and M.S Nieson
Line Producer: Annetta Marion
Co-producers: Irwin Young, Peter Wentworth
Director of Photography: terry Stacey
Edited by James Klein
Music by Georgiana Gomez
Cast: Maurice Compte, Paddy Connor, Jeanne Heaton

Two juvenile runaways meet on the highway. Freddy, the older one, is looking for cash from his long lost father in Oklahoma City. Albert, the younger, has fled a juvenile detention facility and is heading for Reno, to find the mom who left him long ago. They do not get along. But together, they get by.

"Excellent. The photography gleams like sunshine on chrome. The kids are beautifully played. Funny and touching."

-Michael Wilmington -- Chicago Tribune


Ed Radtke may be the only independent filmmaker to go from juvenile felon to Guggenhein Fellow. He graduated high school with a GPOA of 1.9 and the by the time he was eighteen, he was a father and a convicted felon.

After completing the first draft of The Dream Catcher in 1994, and began working to make the film a reality. In 1996, he received the last of the major NEA Filmmaking Production grants, an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship, and a Guggenheim Fellowship for the script.

Ed Radtke
PO Box 704
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
937 767-9979
212 539-6546 (NYC tel.)

5:30 pm


A film by Barbara Kopple
2000/color/104 minutes/35mm

Introduced by Leon Gast (When We Were Kings)

This extraordinary film by Academy Award-winning director, Barbara Kopple, chronicling one of the mythic cultural events of the century, the Woodstock festivals of of 1969, 1994, and 1999, far surpasses whatever presuppositions you may bring to the theater. As an exploration of cultural memory, it resonates with powerful images of the search by two generations for community amidst nearly anarchic, and vividly disparate, celebrations of music and youth. Replete with incredible performances and brimming with the outrageous acts of self-expression, sexual liberation, and rebellion that have defined the Woodstock experience, My Generation is a film that speaks volumes about generational contrast and change; about peace and love and violence; about commercial exploitation, music and artistry; and about a profound desire for fraternity and self-fulfillment.

-Geoffrey Gilmore, Sundance Film Festival Directortf

Sunday, September 24, 2000 at the Bearsville Theater

11 am

2000, color, 79 mins, digi-beta
Producer, director, and cinematographer: Kevin McKiernan
Cinematographer (Sata Barbara and Washington D.C segments): Haskell Wexler

Editor: Thomas G. Miller
Composer: Bronwen Jones

Good Kurds, Bad Kurds focuses on Kurdish immigrants in Santa Barbara, ethnic cleansing in Turkey--a staunch U.S. ally--and the dramatic bid by two political activists to prevent their deportation from the United States.

Kevin McKiernan is an attorney-turned filmmaker and journalist. He is the recipient of two Armstrong awards for excellence in PBS radio documentaries and he has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism. His footage and reports hare been broadcast by NBC News, 60 Minutes and ABC World News Tonight.


Best Documentary
Atlanta Film and Video Festival 2000

Human Rights Prize
Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2000

Access Productions
PO Box 91621
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805 966-9770

1 pm

Music Documentary
2000/color/60 mins/BETA SP
Director, producer: Carmine Cervi
Co-producer: Karla Zimmerman
Director of Photography: Doug Clevenger, Marie-Jo
Á lle Rizk
Editor: Ilko Davidov
Featuring: Aissawas of fes (Morocco), Avay-E-Doust (Iran), Musa Dieng Kala (Senegal), Noa (Israel) and others.

Sacred sounds was shot in Morocco at the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music. With dynamic musical performances from Islamic, Christian, and Jewish traditions, it explores sacred music through interviews with artists and religious figures, against the exotic backdrop of Fez's colorful street life. Sacred Sounds breaks down cultural, political and religious barricades to celebrate our similarities and our diversities.

Carmine Cervi has produced and directed a number of short documneatries and fiction films in the United States and Italy. He teaches editing, screenwriting and film techniques at Columbia College in Chicago.

"Wine, Music and cinema are the three great creations of humanity.
-T'Ian Han

Momo Traveling Pictures
1608 N. Milwaukee Ave. Suite 704
Chicago, IL 60647
t. 773 394-8170
f. 773 394-8171

2:30 pm

A documentary by Mike Landry and Alex Cohn
1999/color/60 mins/BETA SP

In person: Mike Lanry and Alex Cohn

Mike Landry is a gambler. He has been a gambler ever since he was a little kid, betting on Sunday football games with his father. Now, as an adult, Mike is tired of trading in his dreams for the security of a nine-to-five job. Typical of his generation, he has big dreams and a short attention span. Never one to let patience or hard work stand in his way, Mike seizes on the idea that his burgeoning knowledge of card-counting might be his quick ticket to fame and fortune. As he begins to learn increasingly complicated systems of card-counting, Mike decides to set out on a bold but somewhat half-baked quest for glory, celebrity, and lots of money. To insure his place in history Mike decides to bring along a film crew to document the event.

"American Dreamer," possibly the first film ever financed through blackjack, is the documentary of Mike’s attempt to become a professional gambler.

Mike Landry (Director/Writer) is a writer and actor living in New York City. Mike enjoys writing screenplays, doing stand-up comedy, and taking long walks on the beach. Mike has appeared in dozens of national television commercials, including McDonald's, Budweiser, Honda, and Cheerios. He is currently developing a one man show entitled "I’m No Jackass...A Story of Love, Alcohol, and Community Service."

Alex Cohn (Director/Producer) is a filmmaker living in Brooklyn. Other projects include working as a writer/director with the comedy troupe Scary Little Town, and as a video journalist for New York Times Television on the series "Trauma: Life in the E.R." which appears on The Learning Channel. Alex’s short film "The Littlest Circus" will be screening at the New York Underground Festival in March, and he is currently producing "The 60-Second Film Festival" for which will take place in New York in April

Mike or Alex
(212) 995-0830

4:00 pm



A complex, insightful look at the Chicano experience as mirrored in the lives and music of the most acclaimed Norteño musicians of the Texas-Mexican border, including Flaco Jimenez and Lydia Mendoza. (40 mins)


A zesty paean of praise to the greater glories of garlic. This lip-smacking foray into the history, consumption, cultivation and culinary/curative powers of the stinking rose features chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, and a flavorful musical soundtrack. 51 minutes.

Yes, German film director Werner Herzog really does eat his shoe to fulfill a vow to fellow filmmaker Errol Morris -- boldly exemplifying his belief that people must have the guts to attempt what they dream. 22 minutes.

8 PM


Sponsored by Winstar

The Maverick Awards are given in four categories: Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short, and Best Student Film. A special Maverick Award will also be presented to a filmmaker whose body of work demonstrates a commitment to artistry, education, and social responsibility. We are proud to announce that this year's winner is Les Blank whose films on 'Real Food, Roots Music and people full of passion for what they do' exemplify the Maverick spirit.

D. A Pennebaker (, Don't Look Back) will present the award.

Les Blank is a prize-winning independent filmmaker, best known for a series of poetic films that led Time Magazine critic Jay Cocks to write, "I can't believe that anyone interested in movies or America...could watch Blank's work without feeling they'd been granted a casual, soft-spoken revelation." John Rockwell, writing in The New York Times, adds, "Blank is a documentarian of folk cultures who transforms anthropology into art." And Vincent Canby, also in The Times, declared that Blank "is a master of movies about the American idiom... one of our most original filmmakers."

Best Feature, Best Short & Best Student Film award is sponsored by Cineric, Inc.

Best Documentary & Best Short Documentary award is sponsored by Tapehouse, NY

A Torchilght Award will be presented to recognize a feature film by Torlight and Kodak



The closing night gala, with special guest, DUSTY TRAILS, will follow the Maverick awards ceremony. Catering will be provided by a variety of Woodstock eateries including

The Alternative Baker
The Bear Cafe
Bois D'Arc Restaurant
Gypsy Wolf Cantina
Landau Grill
Maria's Bazaar
Wok & Roll
Woodstock Moveable Feast

Sunday, September 24, 2000 at the Joyous Lake

11:30 am



2000/Black and White/30 mins/Beta SP
Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor: Brooke Maroldi
Additional Videography: Chris Marks

This heartfelt documentary tells the story of how one offbeat drugstore in Milwaukee was loved by its community yet couldn’t survive the 1990s. Through interviews with longtime customers and employees, independent filmmaker Brooke Maroldi expresses the community’s deep sense of loss while articulating broader issues.

As corporate chains and homogenous strip malls spread throughout the world, independent businesses are struggling to survive and many are losing the battle. And as these businesses disappear, we all lose some of the precious connections to others once found in the common details of everyday life.

At times hilarious and other times very moving, "Death of a Corner Drugstore" is a tribute to both individuality and the ways we all need each other.

Brooke Maroldi has been an independent filmmaker for over 15 years. Her award-winning documentaries and experimental videos have appeared on PBS, the Discovery Channel and at numerous festivals throughout the world. Her documentary "Death of a Corner Drugstore" won the "Inspiration Award" at the 2000 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival. It has been accepted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland, the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and the Seattle Underground Film Festival. A New York native, she currently lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is working on a documentary about gun-related violence in America.

Brooke Marlodi
Magpie Media
4117 N. Norris Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53211
414 964 6018

A documentary by Sean Kaminsky
1999/color/20 mins/DV

Over the course of two years, Sean Kaminsky traveled solo with a compact digital video camera and a backpack to visit three fascination alternative communities: the Rainbow Family in Oregon, the Radical Faeries in Tennessee and the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. The people he met who opened up and shared their compelling experiences of ritual and community became the documentary "Ritual Nation".

(Michael) Sean Kaminsky is a filmmaker and writer living in New York City. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video production. Since moving to New York he has collaborated in the writing and performance of "The Late Edition" which was performed at the John Houseman theatre. Additionally he has completed four feature length screenplays of which "Looking for Lewis" was workshopped with producer Christine Vachon by Praxis Film Development. His screenplay "Factory" is currently under option. He has also worked on several independent films in a variety of capacities and recently began post-production on a new short, titled "Clean".

Sean Kaminsky
Spectrum Media Productions
212 391 2031
425 977-9953

A Documentary Short by Phil Bertelsen
2000/color/30 mins/16mm

An intimate look at residents of the Sunshine Hotel, one of the last remaining flophouses on the Bowery - New York's skid row".

Producer/Director: Phil Bertelsen
Co-producers: Renee Sandstrom and Mick reed
Associate Producer: Benjamin Armento
Director of Photography: John Foster
Editor: Bryan cole
Original Music: Erin O'Hara and Jimi Zhivago

Phil Bertelsen
160 West 106th Street, apt #2c
New York, NY 10025

1 pm


A short film by Asger Thor
2000/color/26 mins/DV

If you're thinking about robbing and killing a lonely old man in his apartment, make you're not the victim.

Producer, director, screenwriter, composer: Asger Thor
Cinematography: Lars Bok
Editor (s): Asger Thor, Yens Bidstrup
Cast: Niels Lyfeldt, Mogens Yuul, Hans Yorgen Olling, Skjold Iversen

Asger Thor
Millennium Film
Rosagade 58 4th
Copenhagen. S
Denmark 2300

A short film by Alan Coltman
1999/black & white/18 mins/Beta SP

Two enigmatic strangers take a corrupt cop through the spiritual wasteland of his past, present & future.

Producer: Katia Porter
Co-Producer: Caroline Fryer
Director, screenwriter: Alan Coltman
Cinematographer: Stephen Griffiths
Editor (s): Alan Coltman, Gordon Vowles
Composer: Chris Adams
Cast: John Lains

Alan Coltman
3 Cobden Mews
Cobden View Rd, Crookes
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
S10 1HT, UK
44 (0114) 2670716

A short film by Peter & Paul Hannoush
2000/color/23 mins/s16

Actor, Miles Owens wakes at a wrap party, and finds himself face to face with the mysterious, probing Dr. Victor Maas. (24 mins)

Producer: Shawn Tanaka and Simone Stock
Co-Producer: Peter Hannoush
Director, screenwriter (s): Peter Hannoush and Paul Hannoush
Cinematography: Christopher Bell
Editor: Bill Goddard
Composer: Angelo Teos
Cast: Dean McDermott, Earl Pastko, Chuck Shamata, Deborah Odell, Danila Olivieri

Peter Hannoush
598 Manorwood Court
Waterloo, Ont
416 571-0253

3 pm

Anthony Ausiello
80 minutes - VHS/DV

Three actors are sent into the woods of Brooklyn in search of The Legendary Brooklyn Bitch - Maria Delafomagio, a turn of the century hairdresser/prostitute.

Anthony Ausiello
8824 7 Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11228
212 592-3182
aus7269}}}{\fs24 \par }}

5 pm

A short documenatry by Jan Ross
2000/color/30 mins/
Featuring Ricky Byrd & Frank Carillo

A fascinating look into the creation of a song by two brilliantly talented composers/performers, Ricky Bird and Frank Carillo. (30 mins)


Heaven Knows
Director, Editor, Producer: Jan Ross
Director of Photography: William Charles Moss
Associate Producers: Carol Kay, Kayos Productions

It was after working on several short films and then beginning to write a feature that Ross got the idea for HEAVEN KNOWS. He chose to make his 'film directing debut' with a documentary because, after unexpectedly seeing Ricky Byrd and Frank Carillo perform in a New York City nightclub... it just seemed "the natural thing to do." The idea of making a film about two composers collaborating on the writing of a song, was just too good to pass up -- especially with two such charismatic, talented artists willing to be part of the 'experiment'.

Ricky Byrd:
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Ricky Byrd's (ex-Joan Jett & the Blackhearts) current "No Band No Headaches" tour with drummer Simon Kirke (ex-Bad Company) and bassist Kasim Sulton (ex-Todd Rundgren), is stunning jaded Big Apple crowds into submission with every gig. "This is the future for me," Byrd concedes. "Hard Acoustic!"

Frank Carillo:
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Frank Carillo is the epitome of a "musician's musician." Throughout his career, his superior craftsmanship has helped him carve a substantial niche in the industry. A large part of Frank's success is due to his impeccable songwriting ability. It has carried him to the top and kept him there. He has penned songs that can be heard on numerous television and film soundtracks and has co-written with the best including: Carly Simon, Ricky Byrd, renowned Golden Earring vocalist George Koojmans and platinum-selling Dutch singer, Anouk.

Jan Ross
E-planet Films
5 River Road #322
Wilton, CT 96897-4097
203 761-0322
203 761-0322

Sunday, September 24, 2000 at UTOPIA STUDIOS
(webcast on

11 am


The Woodstock Film Festival is thrilled to have Mr. Bernstein participate in a special event. Elmer Bernstein, a thirteen time Academy Award nominee, is the preeminent screen composer of our time. His versatility can only be matched by his productivity. Over the past fifty years he has scored over 200 films including Cecil B. DeMille's THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, THE MAGNICENT SEVEN, THE GRIFTERS, NATIONAL LAMPOONS ANIMAL HOUSE, MY LEFT FOOT and most recently, KEEPING THE FAITH.

1 pm


Author Warren Adler (War of the Roses, Random Hearts), Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia), Nisha Ganatra and Zachary Sklar (JFK) will discuss what it takes to adapt a book to film.

3 pm


How has the internet dot.coms changed the industry and where are they
going? Join us (put in date and time) for a discussion with some of the
leaders in this exciting industry.

Erin Heidereich, Director of Acquisitions,

Shawn Folz, Director of Film Festival Marketing,

Kevin Michael Whitehead, Senior Director of Programming, Community and
Content, Eveo, Inc.

Michael Galinsky, Head of Film Content,

Robert Whitehall, Vice President, Independent Film Acquisition, Centerseat

Moderated by Jeremiah Newton


In addition to Film Festival events, Woodstock's diverse cultural experiences await visiting filmmakers and audience members. Festival participants will enjoy concerts, good food, browsing Woodstock's unique shops, tubing the Esopus River, hiking or biking through spectacular landscapes, enjoying a luxurious spa or visiting the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, one of a handful of major Tibetan centers in the United States.

Mirabai Books invites filmgoers to join local naturalists on a series of early morning hikes to some of Woodstock’s most charming woodlands and inspiring vistas. A different 1 to 2 hour hike will be scheduled for each morning of the Festival. Mirabai will also be providing water and transportation to the hikes’ starting points. Those seeking a bit of serenity amidst the Festival’s hustle and bustle can join renown Rock & Roll chronicler Elliot Landy for meditation in Mirabai’s Sacred Space Gallery. Landy, the 1969 Woodstock Festival's official photographer, will help guide participants on a journey toward inner peace, balance and clarity. These gatherings will be scheduled in the early evening on each day of the Festival. Participation will be limited to ten people, so interested participants are asked to sign-up beforehand with Mirabai Books (845-679-2100).

ART & SOUL will host a photography exhibition with a cinematic theme. ‘‘See You at the Movies...Candids at the Candy Counter" byBernard Gerson. Opening reception is Sept 2, 4-7pm. Show ends Oct. 2, 2000., opens Sept. 2. ART & SOUL gallery of photography, 12 Tannery Brook Rd, Woodstock   679-0027 for info.

Finally, all good film festivals boast their fair share of parties. Ours will be no exception!

A beautiful, celebrated town which has already drawn hundreds of film, literary, and entertainment professionals because of its quiet beauty and stimulating cultural life -- An international slate of films and filmmakers -- Enthusiastic community support -- A luminous Advisory Board -- An experienced, dedicated staff -- With all of this going for it, the Woodstock Film Festival will quickly become one of the brightest jewels on the Film Festival Circuit.


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