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Saturday, September 23, 2000 at the Byrdcliffe Theater

10 am


Do you have a movie, screenplay, leading role, TV show or theater play brewing inside of you? Come out of your shell.

Learn the basics of writing, acting and directing from Emmy Award winning Hollywood producer, director and actor Bruce Malmuth, in this four-hour workshop.

Enjoy the energy of creativity and the powers of your imagination. Experience the thrill of creating your own "voice". This highly renowned workshop which has traveled around the world, from the Moscow Film Festival to the Beverly Hills High school, takes its participants through all stages of the creative filmmaking process.

Bruce Malmuth is the director of Hard To Kill, Beaty and the Beast (TV), Where Are The Children, Nighthawks and the hit play "Thanksgiving Cries", winner of the LA Critics Award. Among others, he has directed actors John Travolta, Frederic Forrest, Jill Clayburgh, Lily Tomlin, Eric La Salle, tobey McGuire, Paul Sorvino, and William Forsythe.

Tickets: $50

Saturday, September 23, 2000 at The Tinker Street Cinema

11 am

A documentary by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt
2000/color/70 Minutes/Beta SP/DV

Presented by Carol Towner (Media Coordinator, Steering Committee -  Kingston-            Rhinebeck Hospital Merger Coalition) and Jane VanDeBogart, 35 year resident of Woodstock and lifelong citizen activist for women's rights, peace, and social justice, following the advice of Horace Mann:  "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."  

New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" motto acquires tense contemporary meaning when abortion politics play out in a quiet New England town. In this compelling film, a local doctor's practice attracts protesters, and the community must decide between their tolerance for controversy and their commitment to individual rights. Lipschutz and Rosenblatt's powerful film shows how one doctor's actions test the values of an entire community.

Marion Lipschutz began her career teaching video production in New York City schools and working on projects about early American cinema. She started producing/directing with the award-winning Hard Choices, about a "rustbest" steeltown devastated by the closing of it local mill. After associate producing and researching a series on the history of entrepreneurship and a special on AIDS, she worked HBO on several American Undercover shows and the Real Sex Series covering everything with MBA's to lethal violence in the workplace.

Rose Rosenblatt trained as a writer and editor beginning with the Emmy award-winning series Lifeline, which aired on NBC. She wrote several NEH scripts, including The Two Worlds of Angelita, a dramatic film which showed at the Carnegie Hall Cinema in 1987. She edited Mandela in America (1990), then launched her producing/directing career with Rights and Wrongs (PBS), a series on linguistics for PBS, she met and partnered with Marion Lipschutz. Together, they founded Paradise Productions/Cine Qua Non, an educational media company devoted to social issue subjects.

Paradise Productions
462 Broadway, Suite 509
NY, NY 10013
212 226-1286
212 226-1361

1 pm

STUDENT SHORTS (Click for full lineup)

3 pm


2000/color/87 mins - 35 blowup from s16
Directed by Steven Cantor
Produced by Jill Furman
Screenplay by Steven Cantor and Daniel Laikind
Director of Photgraphy: Paul Dokuchitz
Editor: Renny Maslow
Music: Chris Holmes
Starring: Dwight Ewell, Jim Gaffigan, Alan Ruck, Kyle Secor, Larraine Newman,

A local cult in Endsville, is claiming, according to their leader, The Honorable Reverend Caleb Solar, "The evils of the world are coming home to roost on October 18th a day we refer to as QUELLISH (Let it Come!). I'm not saying what's going to happen, but you're all going to get very wet."

However the good news is that the group is accepting new members whose "...lives will be spared and allowed to survive and prosper in a New World led by me and the group," says Reverend Solar, a former used car salesman and Endsville resident.

Ivy Vaughn, a local wedding videographer, is documenting the groups actions for an upcoming feature film titled Endsville. He claims unprecendented access to a doomsday cults' actions and promises some "astonishing revelations."

Steven Cantor is a graduate of the USC Schopol of Cinema-Television and a parner in Stick Figure Productions. He received a 1993 Academy Award Nomination for his first documentary, "Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann," about the controversial photograpoher, and a 1996 National Emmy Award for an NBA Stay-In-School commercial. His documentary, "Bounce: behind the Velvet Rope", won the Audience3 Award at the 2000 Los Angeles Independent Film festival. "Endsville" marks his debut as a feature film director.


Jill Furman
Endsville Productions
25 Central Park West #28J
New York, NY 10023
212 315-0325

5 pm

A Film by Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky
1999/90 minutes/color/beta
Writer, Director, Editor – Suki Hawley
Director of Photography: Michael Galinsky
Editor: Suki Stetson Hawley
Music: Andy & Richard Harrison
Cast : Unai Fresnedo. Katy Petty, Ignacio Fernandez, Thalia edek, Chris Brokaw, Daniel Coughlin, Sean Meadows, Maria Fleischman, Lee Robinson

"Perfectly captures the picture of life on the road among underground bands…"-Chicago Sun-Times

Unai is cynical Spaniard who books American indie bands in Spain. Exhausted and disenchanted, he sees his musical ambitions turn to dust when he screws up a European tour for indie darlings. Then tries to set things straight ny half-heartedly screwing over everyone within three feet. Add to the mix a feminist Lower East Side artist whom Unai persuades to take over the tour, and chaos quickly ensues.

Suki has completed two features with partner Michael Galinsky: Half Cocked (1995), and Radiation (1999), which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and has continued on to 26 other festivals in the US, Europe, Asia and South America.

In 1999 Suki along with Sadie Benning, Miranda July and others, became the recipient of a grant to fund young women filmmakers from noted photographer/filmmaker Robert Frank, which she will use to develop and produce two documentarty portraits.

Suki’s credits include work with Roger Corman and features including Party Girl, Sense and Sensibility, The Living End, Totally F***ed Up and Trouble on the Corner (with Debi Mazer, Joe Morton, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Michael Galinski is a founding member of the New York band Sleepyhead and co-founder of the band Laptop. In 1997, he co-produced two segments for MSNBC’s show, Edgewise – one of which was chosen as the Opening Night Short Film at 1998’s Rotterdam International Film Festival.

His work as a professional photographer includes photos on several album covers and in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Ray Gun, Puncture, and The Sun. His first book of photographs, Scraps (1999), has been praised as uniquely inspired by the Village Voice, Ray Gun, and The New York Press, and in 1999 he had 12 major exhibitions in the US and Europe.


A Brian Marc and D. Ze'ev Gilad Film
2000/color/97 mins/35mm
Original Story and Concept by Brian Marc
Directed by Brian Marc and D. Ze'ev Gilad
Executive Producers: Michael Chambers, Patrick Panzarella
Produced by Jeffrey Feldman, Brian Marc, D. Ze'ev Gilad
Written by Brian Marc and D. Ze'ev Gilad
Director of Photgraphy: Andrew T. Dunn
Production Manager: Jeffrey Feldman
Edited by D. Ze'ev Gilad and Brian Marc
Additional Editing by John D. Allen
Featuring Brian Marc, Craig duPlessis, Lisa Ristorucci, Elizabeth Horsburgh.

Miles and Eddie meet while running away from their unhappy homes in New Orleans. With his nose ring and dreadlocks, Eddie is full of manic energy and unpredictability while Miles prefers reading books like "Pride and Prejudice" and Catcher in the Rye". While living on the edge, both of
them struggle to make sense of their lives.

Dog Run is a gritty story about life on the streets. While it respects the kids that are its subject, the film raises questions about the humanity of a society, which does not protect or provide for its young people. In every major city in the United States, there are kids on the streets who struggle every day top survive.

Dog Run is a gripping, realistic tale from the Executive Producers of Abel Ferrara's Funeral and the critically acclaimed and controversial film Kids, Michael Chambers and Patrick Panzarella.

DOG RUN is the first feature film by BRIAN MARC and D. ZE'EV GILAD.
Ze'ev has worked extensively as a director/cinematographer/editor in film, television,
and theater in the U.S., France, and Israel. He graduated from NYU film school. He
is currently experiencing writer's block while finishing a psychedelic science fiction screenplay set in the next century, and one about two pornstars who make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
He is also busy launching a commercial directing career.Brian studied acting with Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof. He worked for several years as an actor/producer/writer in the New York
theatre.  He is currently working as a mystic and spiritual advisor, writing a soon-to-be-published book called "Perceive Receive: The Five Virtues of Spirit," and developing a communications and entertainment multimedia company.  He is also developing a feature film -- "A Master
Stance" -- about a young man's trans-dimensional journey, and a television
series called "Blue."  Ze'ev and Brian are looking forward to the international theatrical release of DOG RUN this Fall.

Arrow Global, Inc.
25 West 45th Street, Suite 707
New York, NY 10036
t. 212-398-9511 X143
f. 212 398-9558



1999/color/104 mins/35mm
Directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
Screenplay: Christos Hamenidis, Nicholas Triandafyllidis
Cinematography: Yannis Kototsis
Music: James Johnston & the Gallon Drunk
Cast: Michail Marmarinos, Ieroklis Michailidis, Myrto Alikaki, Tania Nasibian

In person: Nicholas Triandafyllidis

Alekos is a young writer in a creative bind, trapped between hazardous love affairs and dangerous frie3ndships. Unable to find salvation in reality, he gets caught up in the cogs of the mass media. The hunt for innocence and romantic love becomes his obsession while a web of characters is spun around him all of whom get him into trouble.

His only salvation is hi big se4cret: Alekos can disappear and teletransport himself in space and time, deciding on his life from the start.

When he returns to reality, nothing seems real.


Nicholas has worked as a freelance writer, radio producer and a music promoted-producer. He studied Sociology and Communication studies at the P.A.S.P.E University in Athens, Greece and film making at the London International Film School. He is currently working on a music documentary about Screaming Jay Hawkins.


Nicholas Triandafyllidis
6 Prousis Street 152 33
Asthens, Greece
01 6832650
01 6847590

12 am

2000/Color/80 min/Digital
Writer/Director: Patrick Hanson
Producer: Joh Stefanie
Co-Producer: Tim Kelly
Director of Photography: Michael Pearlman
Cast: Will Keenan, Kerri Kenney, Reon Jeremy, Lloyd Kaufman

Sean McNutt is losing his mind. Customer complaints, fifty-cent tips, raw chicken parmigiana and Mafioso management are gnawing away at what sanity he has left. Welcome to the world of Waiting, a digital comedy about the seamy underbelly of the restaurant industry as told through the eyes of Sean McNutt, a waiter trying to muster the ambition to move on in life.

Since graduating from the University of South Florida's Experimental Film Program in 1993, Patrick Hasson has worked in the industry as a writer, director, cinematographer and editor. He is currently working as an editor on the Benny Mardones documentary The Man Who Would Be King (executive producer Gill Holland) and writing several new scripts.

Patrick Hasson
Manayunk Pictures
t. 215 349-6033
f. 215 349-6033

Saturday, September 23, 2000 at the Bearsville Theater

11 am


1 pm

ISRAEL ROCKS - A Journey through Music of Visions and Divisions


The Netherlands
A music documentary by Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz
2000/color/55 min, BETA SP

This documentary from The Netherlands grasps Israel by its rock and pop bands, exploring the complexities, the tribulation and the dreams of this young country. The songs and music of Israel today give a sense of the divisions among its people, their craving for peace, their pain and their disillusionment with war.

Since 1988, Izzy Abrahami has worked together with Erga Netz, as Abrahami-Netz TV Productions, on the production of TV documentaries and the developments of various projects. Beside being a novelist, journalist, script writer, theater, film and TV director, Izzy Abrahami is also an accomplished cook!

Erga Netz was born in Israel on March 22, 1957. Since 1988, she has been living and working in The Netherlands.

Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz
Koninginneweg 89,
1075 CJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
t. (31-20) 671-0616
f. (31-20) 679-7378

2:30 pm


1999, color, 91 mins, BETA SP
Director, Camera: Richard Sandler
Producer: Richard Sandler, Scorpio Dogs Productions
Associate producer: Larry Fessenden, Glass Eye Pix
Editor: Dan Brown
Sound Engineer: Ron D'Argenio

The Gods of Times Square is a documentary about a rich culture of religionists (myself included) who are drawn to the electric buzz of this fabled human meeting ground. There, at the "crossroads of the world", amidst it's cathedral-like spires, we arrive to profess the creeds of wildly differing varieties of personal religious experience.

The Gods of Times Square " one of those rare documentaries that combines a cinematic eye with a compelling and genuine narrative. This is what doc filmmaking is all about."

Scott Petersen , IndieWire

Filmed over a period of six years, the freewheeling Gods captures the thoughts and ravings of the religious folks who made Times Square their open-air church. Made as the crossroads of the world transformed from the funky heart and soul of NY to a corporate theme park, Gods is a funny, informative and moving look at a lost piece of the city.

RICHARD SANDLER (photographer, videographer) works as a freelance photographer and videographer in New York City. His photo work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Independent, Time, Outtakes, Lear's, Print, and Picture. He curated "Living for the City: 20 Years of New York Street Photograhy" at the Parsons School of Design in December of 1997. He is currently completing
a documentary entitled AKA Martha's Vineyard; A look at
Martha's Vineyard through the eyes of the islands Native American population

Richard Sandler
Scorpio Dogs Productions
251 East 10th Street #7
NY, NY 10009
212 777-7138

5 pm


A music documentary by Haskell Wexler
2000, 49:06 mins, color, BETA SP

In person: Haskell Wexler

Popular U.S. musician artists interact with Cubans hopeful to normalize relations between our countries...anxious to show music and art can make a bridge.

Haskell Wexler, A.S.C is considered to be one of the most important cinematographers working in the film industry today. Wexler has photographed a wide range of films that have earned him five Academy Award nominations and two Oscars for Best Cinematography. He took home statuettes for his work on Mike Nichols' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Hal Ashby's Bound For Glory. Other films shot by Haskell Wexler include One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Matewan, American Graffiti, Coming Home, The Secret of Roan Inish, the Rolling Stones World Tour AT THE MAX (IMAX) and many more.

As a director, Wexler crafted two features, Medium Cool, a groundbreaking film shot during the Democratic convention in Chicago and Latino in Nicaragua, which received a special honor at Canne Film Festival. In addition, he has directed over fifty documentaries, rock videos and award winning commercials.

Wexler is the first Cinematographer in over thirty-five years to receive a "Star" on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Institute for Cinema Studies
1247 Lincoln Blvd, #585
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Preceding Movie:

Spotlight Music Video
Sponsored by Torchlight

Musical Artist - Steve Earle
Song/Video Title - Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)
Producer / Director - Amos Poe
Record Label - Artemis
Running Time - 3:51

7 pm

  GV3: (Graffiti Verite 3) A Voyage into the Iconography of Graffiti Art
A Bob Bryan Film
2000/color/10 minute excerpt - Beta SP

Bob Bryan, Director / Executive Producer
Graffiti Verite' Documentary Video Series
Bryan World Productions
PO Box 74033
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Tel. Number: 323/ 993-6163
Fax Number: 323/ 856-0855
email address:

PRESS RELEASE  for GV3: A Voyage Into The Iconography of Graffiti Art

Bob Bryan's Voyage (BIO)

A Documentary Film by Kevin Fitzgerald
1999, color, 60 min, Beta SP

Filmed in the streets and underground open mikes of NY, LA and San Franscisco, it is a doc film that explores the lyrical world of particularly African American form of story telling: hip - hop.

"inspiring, mesmerizing, and creative revolutionary street poetry… eloquent social knowledge, the best of rap!" Variety

Kevin Fitzgerald
Organic Films
2629 Main Street, 312
Santa Monica, CA 90404
323 939-6450

par }}

9:30 pm


Jonathan Demme's 1984 classic music documentary, STOP MAKING SENSE, will be screened as a dance party Saturday the 23rd at the Bearsville Theater.

Saturday, September 23, 2000 at the Joyous Lake

12 pm



A film by Mikey Jackson
Work in Progress/color/61 mins/35mm

An 'off beef' comedy!

Neil has been a vegetarian for one thousand two hundred and sixty three days. He and his girlfriend Daisy like to spend their days skateboarding, drinking organic coffee, and driving around talking about the state of the world.

Their idyllic existence is shattered when Neil’s father, Vic, reveals his grand plan for Neil to become a third generation butcher, and work with him in the Father and Son butcher shop.

Mikey Jackson
264 East 2nd Street #23
NYC, NY 10009
212 253-0119

2 pm


A rich portrayal of the lives and music of the French-speaking Cajuns of Louisiana, featuring the Balfa Brothers, Marc Savoy and Nathan Abshire. 41 minutes.
This touching tribute to Appalachian culture profiles legendary, old-time fiddler Tommy Jarrell. His unpretentious folk wisdom is interlaced with family scenes and reminiscences, plus plenty of old-time music. 30 minutes.

4 pm

A music documentary by Heather Rose Dominic
1999/color/85 mins/ - Beta SP/16mm

Features: Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson, Candice Pedersen, Slim Moon, Mecca Normal, Fugazi's Ian McKaye and many other independent rockers.

"The Shield Around the K" profiles the birth and growth of the punk rock, DO IT YOURSELF record label, K records, based in Olympia, Washington. An inspiring portrayal of an independent record label whose lo-fi credibility has never been compromised.

Heather Rose Dominic was born and raised in Woodstock. She was an actress until shefunded her film by working registers at HMV records

Heather Rose Dominic
PO Box 824
New York City, NY 10116
212 586-6300

6 pm


A music documentary by Jeff Krulik
1999, 84 min, color, BETA SP
Cast: Butthole Surfers, Beastie Boys, 1/2 Japanese

Featuring amazing (mid 1980’s) live performances of alternative music icons like The Beastie Boys, Butthole Surfers, Japanese and others, The Scott and Gary Show was one of New York’s most legendary public access shows. Like an alternative universe version of American Bandstand crossed with Soupy Sales, The Scott and Gary Show presented a rebel counter-point to MTV normalcy. An enthusiastically received 90 minute retrospective produced by Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot) has been screening at Film Festivals throughout the country and will next be presented at The Woodstock Film Festival on Saturday September 23rd at 6pm. . If you are a fan of underground music and TV, you are sure to find this a unique viewing experience.


The Scott and Gary Retrospective has screened this year at:

The New York Underground Festival

The Baltimore Film Festival

The Vancouver Film Festival (as part of the Indie Rocks Docs)

The Chicago Underground Film Festival

And will be screening at:

The Woodstock Film Festival (Sept23 at 6pm)

The Black Cat Club in DC (Oct. 2)

The Olympia Film Festival (Oct. 26)

Jeff Krulik
3221 Connecticut Avenue
N.W #308, Washington, DC 20008
202 966-5304

6 pm

A documentary by Christopher Wilcha

"Delicately explores corporate politics, the concept of selling out and ageism, among other topics."

  • -Stephen Holden -- The New York Times

  • "In 1993, pensive punk rock fan and recent philosophy major Chris Wilcha finally buckled down and got a real job: an entry level marketing position at mail-order giant Columbia House, when the music club was just beginning to look into the new trend of ‘grunge music’ as a way to keep profits flowing. The suits were searching for a Gen-X informer, but Wilcha just wanted to pay his rent. In a supreme act of hipster nerdiness, Wilcha brought his new Hi-8 video to work with him each day to record his midtown experiences. Out of over 200 hours of footage he crafted this documentary. Low-fi, low-key, and unpretentious, The Target Shoots First takes it cues from the earnest post-adolescent soul-searching of indie-rock, and the workplace frustrations of contemporary zines like Processed World and Temp Slave. As such, it’s a dead-on early 90’s time capsule." -

    -Ed Halter, New York Press

    The Target Shoots First has been screened widely in the US and overseas, at venues like The New York Video Festival, The Pacific Film Archive, The Vienna International Film Festival and The International Film Festival Rotterdam. It will be broadcast on Cinemax as part of the "Reel Life" documentary series in February of 2001.

    The Target Shoots First won the Best Documentary and Excellence in Editing Awards at the Slamdance Film Festival, the Best Music Documentary award at the New York Underground Film Festival and the Jury and Audience Awards for Best Documentary at the South By Southwest Film Festival.

    Wilcha is currently at work on several new video and photo projects that examine how corporate, industrial and military forces have shaped the late twentieth century American landscape. Last summer he was a artist-in-residence at the center for land Use Interpretation’s Wendover, Utah Studio.

    Chris Wilcha
    718 422-0842

    INSOUND CLIPS will precede concert

    12 am


    Drop Ceiling


    The Martinets

    Saturday, September 23, 2000 at UTOPIA STUDIOS (webcast on

    11 pm

    Actors Seminar:
    A conversation with Aidan Quinn and David Strathairn about the difference between independent film and mainstream. Moderated by Martha Frankel.

    2 pm

    Music/Film Seminar
    Curated and moderated by BMI’s Doreen Ringer Ross. Special guests include music supervisor Maureen Crowe (The Perfect Storm, Dead Man Walking, True Romance) and Paul Broucek (Senior VP of Music at New Line Cinema), Jim Farmer (Composer - Johnny Suede, Living In Oblivion), Christopeher S. Brooks (Music Supervisor - The X-Men, Frequency)

    4 pm

    Digital Production Seminar:
    Panelists discuss the production advents of DV. With Gary Winick (InDigEnt), Dolly Hall (High Art) and Jason Kliot(Chuck & Buck, The Contenders).   Jed Alpert (Signs and Wonders, Sunday) will moderate.

    6 pm

    Can films of substance by produced in a marketplace driven by stars and big profits?

    With Eamonn Bowles (Shooting Gallery) Gill Holland (cineBLAST!), Peter Saraf (Clinica Estetico), Paul Mones (Second Road) and Lisa Krueger (Committed).  

    Saturday, September 23, 2000 at MIRABAI

    Saturday, Sept. 23 8AM – 10:30 AM. Join fellow filmgoers on an invigorating hike on Overlook Mountain, one of Woodstock’s most spectacular natural vistas. Guiding you will be naturalist/outdoorsman Paul Alexander, a life-long resident of Woodstock, and Tarak Kauff whose accomplishments include a 9,000 mile run across all 50 states (long before Forest Gump was a glimmer in Bob Zemekis’eye). Moderately strenuous 2 hour hike. Sneakers or hiking shoes recommended. Water and transportation from town provided. Meet in front of Mirabai Books, 23 Mill Hill Road at 8AM sharp. Free (sponsored by Mirabai).


    *All events subject to change

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