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Friday, September 22 at The Tinker Street Cinema


A documentary by Les Blank

An extraordinary feature-length documentary about the messianic German director Werner Herzog struggling against desperate odds in the Amazon basin to make his epic feature, Fitzcarraldo. Burden of Dreams was honored with a British Academy Award for Best Documentary of 1982, and many critics consider it Blank's most awesome film. 94 minutes.

2 pm

FOREIGN SHORTS PROGRAM (Click for full lineup)

4 pm and 6 pm

NEW YORK WOMEN IN FILM & TELEVISION is proud to support the first annual Woodstock Film Festival, taking place September 21-24 in Woodstock, New York.  A dynamic showcase of films, seminars, concerts and sidebar events, the festival fosters an intimate, reciprocal relationship among independent filmmakers, industry representatives and audience members.  This year's focus is on music in film, with several music documentaries, tie-in concerts and music related panels.

4 pm 


A delightfully morbid and life-affirming story about a quirky summer friendship between oddballs who have unique and opposing outlooks on coping with loss and… each other.

Director, producer: Coreen Mayrs
Screenwriter: Coreen Mayrs
(adapted from the short story Presbyterian Crosswalk by Barbara Gowdy)
Cinematographer: John S. Bartley
Editor: Mary Ungerleider
Composer: Guy Zerafa and Russell Walker
Cast: Shauna Kain (Beth), Colleen Rennison (Helen)

Coreen Mayrs has spent the last 10 years working as a Casting Director for productions all over the world. In addition to her busy casting career, Coreen currently has several projects in development under the banner of her film company Cracked Pot Films Inc. She has just secured rights to the award nominated Canadian novel A History of Forgetting by Caroline Adderson, which she is currently adapting for the screen. A History of Forgetting will mark Coreen’s feature directorial debut.

Coreen Mayrs
A Crazy8s Production
9/120 - 555 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S5
604 983-5675


"Najeeb" is a humorous narrative documentary about one young woman's struggle with her traditional Iranian Jewish family's obsession to get her married . . . now that she's hit the ripe old age of 25.  

2000/color/28 mins/DV
Director, Editor(s): Tanaz Eshaghian and Taima Smith
Producer: Tanaz Eshaghian

Tanaz Eshaghian and Taima Smith are candidates for the Masters of Arts in Media Studies at the New School of Social Research in New York City.

Taima Smith
212 529-0965


Braiding dreamlife, memory and visions of 'psychic journeying', Mele, an orphaned teenaged girl, relates her last days with her ailing twin brother.

Director: Anne Misawa
Producer: Ellen Huang, Carol Ann Shine, Anne Misawa
Screenwriter: Anne Misawa
Cinematographer: Mikael Kreuzriegler, Alexia Marcoux
Editor: Kathleen Kim, Ron Eltanol, Anne Misawa
Composer: Woven, Arnie Saiki, Hubbard Lucas…
Cast: Sara Rivas, Daniel Louis Rivas, William Clearihue

Anne Misawa is a film major at the University of Southern California. Seeking Mele was a year 2000 Student Academy Award finalist.

Anne Misawa
323 876-1068

Appearing in person: Tanaz Eshaghian, Taima Smith, Anne Misawa, Coreen Mayrs

6 pm

Fries Film Group presents a •filmsmith• / Thomas Garvin Production
of a Melissa Painter Film
Written & Directed by Melissa Painter
Executive Producers: Christine Vachon Daryl Hannah
Producor: Zachary Matz, Thomas Garvin, Timothy Bird
Original Music: Sam Bisbee
Director of Photography: Paul Ryan, A.S.C.
Film Editor: Brent White
Featured Music: Santana, Blues Traveler, Jane’s Addiction
Casting Directors: Sheila Jaffe, Georgianne Walken
Cast: Daryl Hannah, Clea Duvall, Eric Roberts

Wildflowers is a film about the children of children of the ‘60’s, and one young woman’s unexpected path into adulthood.

Melissa Painter was born in 1968 in Northern California and raised in Mill Valley. She moved to New York to attend college. After graduating summa cum laude from Columbia University with a major in Ancient Greek, she enrolled in New York University's Graduate Film program where she received a teaching assistantship in Writing, Directing Actors and Advanced Editing. Her second year film, "Private Residences", was awarded a Warner Brother Fellowship, and traveled to many festivals. Melissa’s 35mm short, "Jump", which was shot on location on the coast of Northern California, premiered at the New York Film Festival 1996, and went on to Sundance, Bilbao, Edinburgh and many other festivals. It was purchased for broadcast by Bravo and American Playhouse (PBS) in the US and by Film Four in Britain. "Wildflowers", which was developed at the Sundance Writers and Filmmakers Lab, is her first feature.

*Jury Award South by Southwest 2000

Melissa Painter
707 935-9395

In Person: Melissa Painter

The filmmakers will participate in a Q&A, and a cocktail reception at the Woodstock Arts Association, following the screening of WILDFLOWERS.

*Catered by Joshua's Cafe & Caterers -
Woodstock's Famed Oldest Restaurant in the Heart of Town
Four Star World Cuisine featuring "the culinary wizardry of Chef Stefanie Schacter"
-The Poughkeepsie Journal

Entertainment will be provided by the Pep & Molly Show

8 pm


A film by Tomi Streiff
Directed by Tomi Streiff
Produced by Susan Schulte
Executive Producer: Carl Bergengruen
Director of Photography: Johannes Hollmann
Written by Ela Thier & Tomi Streiff
Editor: Roswitha Gnaedig
Music by Oliver Kuka & Holger Nesweda
Cast: Isabella Parkinson, Oliver Reinhard and Hannah, the cow.

A lovable anachronistic road moo-vie about an irresistible quirky young lady, a simple plumber, a 14-year-old runaway and a cow.  

"There is a lot of tenderness in this little masterpiece."   L'Aisne Nouvelle  

Tomi Streiff was born in Switzerland and is a graduate of New York University's film school. After more than a decade as a director of photography working in a variety of styles (features, documenatries, TV, commercials, music videos, industrials, experimental) he went on to produce and direct numerous award winning shorts and documentaries. The Wedding Cow marks his feature film debut.  

Tomi Streiff
124 East Broadway
NY, NY 10002
212 349-8747
terview & trailer:
ound track, English:

10 pm

2000/color/84 mins/35mm
Director: Ron Krauss
Producers: Michael Kolko, Ron Krauss, Ilan Lewinger
Co-Producers: Erica Spano, Dori Greenberg
Director of Photography: Mario Zaval
Editor: Don Pollard
Supervising Editor: Richard Halsey
Music composer: Jeffrey R. Gund
Writers: Kristine A. Tata, Ron Krauss, Mario Savala
Cast: Douglas Spain, Aimee Graham, Nicholle Tom, Dante Basco, Tamara Mello, Steven Bauer


A story of life in Los Angeles, present day, seen through the eyes of 6 youthful characters from different economic and racial backgrounds. The film not only takes us through the experiences of the young, but also that of their families in an eclectic mix of American realities, touching on the immigrant experience.

Today's youth will recognize themselves amidst the freedom, demands, possibilities, and temptations of contemporary life that confronts them. Within this context, the film seeks to present a truthful dramatic picture that reveals some of the poetry and magic that sustains and gives meaning to all human experience.

Unfolding over the course of less than one day, we see a portrait of kids finding their way in a setting we feel and recognize. The characters are touched by the joy of youth, the toxic pleasures and consequences of drugs, love, and the enduring ability of people to find each other. The setting of the Rave is the "magic garden" in which fulfillment of all the pleasures and passions we pursue are possible, yet shadowed invisibly by their consequences which come due in the morning light for better or worse.

RON KRAUSS directed and produced the acclaimed dramatic short film Puppies for Sale starring Jack Lemmon. The film was awarded best short film at Aspen Shortsfest, Giffoni Film Festival, Heartland
Film Festival, Rimouski International Film Festival, Temecula Film Festival, Montevideo – Uruguay,
American Short Shorts – Japan, USA Film Festival, and runner-up at Chicago International Film Festival.
The film participated in many other festivals worldwide, including the Berlin International Film Festival. In addition, he co-produced, wrote, and directed the TV special Chicken Soup for the Soul for the PAX network, as well as directed numerous music videos and commercial with his Los Angeles based
company Aron Productions.

Mike Kolko
Ian Lewinger
12 Corners Entertainment
373 South Doheny Drive, Suite B
Beverly Hills, CA 310 275-8057
310 275-8390

12 am

MIDNIGHT SHORTS - (Click for full lineup)

Friday, September 22 at The Center For Photography

6 pm

BOOKS OF SURVIVAL - the Art of John Eric Broaddus
2000/color/41 minutes/BETA SP
Director/Editor: Gabriella Mirabelli
Executive Producer: Arthur Williams
Producers: Jonathan Mednick, Gabriella Mirabelli

Books of Survival reveals an artist driven not only to make art, but also to 'be art'. Broaddus wore elaborate costumes made of found objects and was a familiar site at popular discos like Studio 54 and Xenon. Broaddus also excelled in book art, a rare art form in which he meticulously cut, painted and drew onto sheets of paper and other material bound into books.

Gabriella Mirabelli worked as a management consultant from PriceWaterhouse Coopers until April of 1999, when she decided to devote her full attention towards completing Books of Survival. The documentary was awarded a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Gabriella Mirabelli
335 West 70th Street, #4
New York, NY 10023
917 971-8294

Friday, September 22 at The Joyous Lake


GRAHAM PARKER, a leader of the mid-70’s pub-rock scene, is bringing his current club tour and his exceptional musical craft to the Woodstock Film Festival with "Carp Fishing on Valium – the Stories, the Songs." The show consists of readings from his recently published book, Carp Fishing on Valium, with original songs composed to complement the readings.


Friday, September 22 at MIRABAI.

The Mirabai Hiking Series

Friday, Sept. 22 8AM – 10 AM. Start the day with a peaceful, magical nature walk alongside lush forests, tranquil water, the elusive blue heron, maybe even a troll or two! Along the way, you’ll be taught the ancient Aztec art of Petroglyphs – drawing and painting with rocks. Your guides will be local musicologist and animal communicator Jayna Nelson and Maur Hart (yes, all you Jack Kornfield fans, it’s a path with "More Heart"). An easy 1 hour ramble on relatively flat terrain. Sneakers recommended. Water and transportation from town provided. Meet in front of Mirabai Books, 23 Mill Hill Road at 8AM sharp. Free (sponsored by Mirabai).

Meditation at Mirabai

Friday, Sept. 22 5:30-6:30 PM
Saturday, Sept. 23 5:30-6:30 PM
Sunday, Sept. 24 9:00-10 AM

"Sharing Stillness, a way of meditation given by Elliott Landy." Elliott will help you enter into a deep meditative state, channeling a unique spiritual energy through his hands to help you get in touch with your deeper self – that which is connected to everything else. Elliott is best known for his celebrated classic "music" photographs, which include the Woodstock Festival (he was the official photographer), Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline), The Band (Music From Big Pink, and The Band), etc. He began working with spiritual energy and meditation over twenty years ago. Attendance is limited so sign up in advance at Mirabai or call 679-2100. Meet in Mirabai Book’s Sacred Space Gallery, 23 Mill Hill Road. Free (sponsored by Mirabai).

ART & SOUL will host a photography exhibition with a cinematic theme. ‘‘See You at the Movies...Candids at the Candy Counter" by Bernard Gerson. Opening reception is Sept 2, 4-7pm. Show ends Oct. 2, 2000., opens Sept. 2. ART & SOUL gallery of photography, 12 Tannery Brook Rd, Woodstock   679-0027 for info.


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