Sept. 21-24, 2000



1999/color/16 min./35mm

Two weeks late and two possible fathers - what's a girl to do?

Director: Orla Walsh
Producer: Paul Donovan
Screenplay: Orla Walsh
Cinematographer: Robbie Ryan
Editor: Niamm Fagan
Composer: Pat Clafferty
Cast: Stella Feelhily, Paul Roe, Conor Mullen, Karen Monks, Gavin Kelty

Orla is currently developing two feature length projects - SALSA DAYS IN DUBLIN and BLOOD SISTERS. SALSA DAYS is currently at third draft stage. The project is being developed with the support of the Irish Film Board, Arista and ACE. BLOOD SISTERS is being developed with the Irish Film Board, EMDA and EAVE.

Paul Donovan is a founding partner in Grand Pictures and his second feature film is due for production in Spring 2001.

Paul Donovan
Roisin Rua Films

Forefront Films
401 Broadway, Suite 101-2
NY, NY 10013
212 431 0407


Austria (shot in Japan)
1999/color/15 min./Digital Video

Cargo is a symbiotic loop about people, a mysterious bag and cellular phones.

Directed and written by: Timo Novotny
Producer, cinematographer, editor (s): Timo Novotny and Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Composer: Sofa Surfers
Cast: Yoshiyuki Komatsu

Timo Novotny {\cs15\ul\cf2}}}{ \par }}


1999/black & white/6 min/35mm

The boss harangues an office worker in an incomprehensible language, but the office worker is not without recourse.

Directed and written by P.J. Dillon
Producer (s): Roger Rawlings, Tom
« s Hardiman, P.J. Dillon
Cinematography: Peter Robertson
Editor: Merry Doyle
Composer: Pierce Turner
Cast: Billy Roche & Terry Cromer (Lime Street Sound)

P.J. Dillon won the Frank Copplestone Award for Best New Director (all categories) at the 1999 Celtic Film Festival for his short film "Most Important." This film, which stars Colm Meaney, was also nominated for Best Short Film at the Banff International Film and Television Festival in 1999. "Headwrecker" is his second short film as a director. Both films were financed in part by the Irish Film Board/Bord Scannán na hÉireann.

Curtis Church
3 Forks Productions
245 W. 107th Street, #9c
NY, NY 10025
212 749-5805


1999/color/14:30 min/35mm

The heart of the matter has been lost for a long time. The greatest talkmaster of all times has the lovely variety and strength of language destroyed. He talks a lot and says nothing. The gardener cultivates the language's variety in his garden. He starts searching for the heart of the matter. He realizes the nothingness behind the talkmaster's seemingly powerful slogans. The battle over the last word takes its course.

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Oliver Bittner
Cinematography: Saschko Frey
Composer: Marius Ruhland
Cast: PERCY Brauch, Bernard Ulrich, Susanne Vogel, Christa Leifheidt

Oliver Bittner
Halmstr - 27
50825 KOLN
NRW Germany
0049 (0) 227/559-5573


1999/color/12 min/35mm

Nothing has changed in the old Jewish quarter of Budapest. It remains as it was, a hundred years ago. This is the place I come from. When I pass through the streets, I hear Mahler's symphony and memories of the past and present come together.

Director, Producer, Screenplay: Diana Groó
Cinematographer: Judit Schwahofer
Music: Gustav Mahler
Editor: Agnes Mógor
Sound: Balazs Gabor
Cast: Judit Groó, Gabor Fischer, Lili Fenyvesi, Peter Bognar, Sandor Altman, Geczy Istvanne, Istvan Pacza, Margit Majeszky, Terez Lakatos

Diana is currently developing her post graduate feature film. She is an alumnus of the Hungarian Film Academy - Budapest

Groó Dianna
Tatra Utca 14/16
Budapest H1136; Hungary (Europe)
Tel:011 36 1 329-3038 and/or: 011 36 1 329-3814

2000/color/ 5 min/DV

Ode to a Hunter is a shortfilm made for Per Fronth's fine-art exhibition "Bloodlines" - the Duke of Beaufort's Foxhunt, which went on view in London in January 2000.

The video-piece depicts 1.4 seconds in the life of a very scared fox escaping Prince Charles and his fellow foxhunters one saturday in november 1999.
It was shot on nightcam dv-video and 39 frames make up the entire piece. Each frame was then physically  painted and  reassembled.

Execution, editing ,painting, concept : Per Fronth 2000
Executive producer: Gill Holland, Cineblast
Music pieces:  William Walton : "Passacaglia - Death of Falstaff" and Arvo Part: " Sarah was Ninety Years Old.

Per Fronth


2000/color/10 min/35 mm

In a province far from the battles of history, a mother and daughter live in a palace that has known better times. Their solitude is broken by the sudden arrival of the daughter's fiance from the front. As darkness falls, strange things begin to happen during the restless early autumn night

Screenplay, Scene Design and Directing: Hanna Sawka
Director of Photography: Michal Englert
Editing: Joanna Fabicka
Original Music: Edyta Gorska
The film is a production of PWSFTViT (The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz)
Cast: Grazyna Walasek, Monika Markiewicz, Juliusz Chrzastowski, Mariusz Jakus, Przemyslaw Sadowski

Hanna is currently studying in the MFA program of the Film, Television and Theater Directing department of the Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School in Lodz, Poland.

Jan & Hanna Sawka
54 Old Rte 213
High Falls, NY 12440
T 845 687-7022
F 687-7094


1999/color/9 minutes/35mm

A young woman on her way to Vienna by train,
has an hour stop over in Budapest. In the train station
restaurant, she neets someone she will remember many years later.

Written and directed: Ferenc Török
Camera: Dániel Garas
Editor: Béla Barsi
Music: Korai Öröm
Short fiction film from the Budapest Film Academy
Cast: Tünde Kövécs, László Hajdú, Gábor Öri, Péter Gyárfás

Ferenc is a graduate of the Budapest Film Academy in Budapest.

Török Ferenc
Nádor utca 19. II. 7
Budapest 1051 - Hungary
Tel: 36-1-3026287

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