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    • NEIL YOUNG TRUNK SHOW, directed by JONATHAN DEMME (U.S. Premiere)
    • THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE directed by REBECCA MILLER (East Coast Premiere)
    • THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS directed by GRANT HESLOV (Sneak Peek Screening)
    • ME AND ORSON WELLES directed by Maverick Award Recipient RICHARD LINKLATER (US Premiere)
    • EYES WIDE OPEN (Einaym Pkuhot) directed by HAIM TABAKMAN (U.S. Premiere/World Cinema)

    (Woodstock, NY) Sept. 2, 2009 with 9/27 update: Celebrating a decade of innovative filmmakers & filmmaking, the Woodstock Film Festival today unveiled its 10th Anniversary Line-up of nearly 100 extraordinary films, panels, and events, screening Wednesday Sept. 30 through Sunday Oct. 4, in the arts colony of Woodstock NY, and neighboring towns of Rhinebeck, Kingston and Rosendale. The 2009 line-up embodies the festival's "fiercely independent" spirit, while upholding the tradition of quality filmmaking, causing filmmakers and industry professionals to hail WFF as "one of the very best regional film festivals in the world".

    WFF's Co-Founder and Executive Director Meira Blaustein reflected on the festival's progress:"As we stand on the cusp of our 10th anniversary, we look back in wonder at all the incredible talents who have come through our doors during these wonderful years" said Blaustein. "Each year brings a fresh class of amazing filmmakers who forge new paths and uncover new stories. We are proud to celebrate the extraordinary work of this year's filmmakers and are humbled by their ingenuity and perseverance. Their creativity and dedication illuminates our minds, expands our hearts, and gives us great hope for the future."

    WFF's 10TH Anniversary year brought in nearly 2000 submissions from most states in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Iran, Afghanistan, France, Israel, Germany and more. WFF '09 presents 50 premieres, the highest number since the festival's inception in 2000, comprising 10 World Premieres, 10 U.S. Premieres, 13 East Coast Premieres, and 17 New York Premieres. Participating studios include Lionsgate Entertainment, Magnolia Pictures, IFC Entertainment, The Weinstein Company, Osciloscope Laboratories, Freestyle, Screen Media Films, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Syfy Channel, Arthouse Films, Regent Releasing, Overture Films and Films We Like.

    Ryan Werner, WFF's senior programmer, points to the 2009 line-up, and consistent industry participation and support: "This year we have an exceptionally diverse program, with very high quality films and a number of important premieres, which demonstrates high regard for the Woodstock Film Festival within the industry" said Werner, Vice President of Marketing at IFC Entertainment, adding, "I'm pleased to be involved in the evolution of this very special festival, and look forward to see what we can do with the next ten years."

    OPENING NIGHT FILM: WFF is proud to present the East Coast Premiere of THE MESSENGER, directed by Oren Moverman, on Thursday evening, October 1st. Starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, and Samantha Morton, this moving and important film depicts the darkest side of war without a single shot being fired. Part of WFF's Exposure Program designed to focus on important social issues, THE MESSENGER will screen at the Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock, followed by a Q&A and reception with the director, producer and select cast.

    CLOSING NIGHT FILM: On September 22, the 2009 Woodstock Film Festival proudly announced its closing night film, Paramount Pictures’ UP IN THE AIR, co-written by and directed by Jason Reitman, starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. The film screens Sunday, October 4th, at the Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock, NY. Vera Farmiga will participate in a Q&A after the film, as well as in the WFF Actor's Dialogue panel, along with actor/producer Lucy Liu, moderated by entertainment journalist Martha Frankel.

    CENTERPIECE FILM: YOUTH IN REVOLT, directed by Miguel Arteta (The Good Girl, Chuck and Buck), is based on C.D. Payne's cult-hit novel of the same name, and stars Michael Cera in a unique and outrageous coming of age story. Nick Twisp (Michael Cera), is a hapless youth who creates a bad-boy alternate persona Fran”ois Dillinger (Michael Cera) to attract love interest Sheeni (Portia Doubleday). Despite his success with Sheeni, Fran”ois may prove to be more trouble that Nick can handle. The all-star ensemble cast includes Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Fred Willard, Zach Galifianakis, and Mary Kay Place, among others.


  • WOODSTOCK: NOW & THEN (Dir. Barbara Kopple) Featuring never-before-seen footage, photographs and illustrations of the '69 concert, this documentary examines Woodstock and the extent of its influence through today's musicians, artists, and political figures. Following the film, there will be a special reception attended by Executive Producer and '69 Woodstock promoter Michael Lang and two-time Academy Award winning director Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA, American Dream).
  • THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE (East Coast Premiere) (Dir. Rebecca Miller) Based on Miller's own novel, the film follows Pippa Lee (Robin Wright Penn) as the devoted wife of an accomplished publisher (Alan Arkin), thirty years her senior. Though Pippa dutifully follows her husband to a new life in a Connecticut retirement community, she must confront both her past and the hidden resentment of her seemingly perfect life in order to find her true sense of self. Also features Keanu Reeves and Julianne Moore.
  • THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS (Sneak Peek Screening) (Dir. Grant Heslov) this story explores the "unbelievable" events inspired by the true story ofšthe U.S.military's unit of pyschic soldiers. Staring Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacy and a star-studded ensemble cast, the film follows Bob Wilton, (McGregor) a reporter in search of his next big story and out of commission psychic soldier Lyn Cassady (Clooney) as they search for Cassady's former commanding officer Bill Django (Bridges), founder of the top secret psychic soldier's program, who has recently gone missing.
  • ME AND ORSON WELLES (US Premiere) (Dir.Richard Linklater) (Spotlight Film) In 1937, a teenage Richard Samuels (Zac Efron), brimming with directionless passion, stumbles upon Orson Welles (Christian KcKay) on the streets of New York. He is miraculously cast as Lucius in Welles' Mercury Theater production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - the play that would catapult the twenty two year old Welles to Broadway and later Hollywood fame. Fast paced, funny and inspired, the film is based upon author Richard Kaplow's real life experience, and is a coming of age story set amidst the dramas of the theater, both on and off stage.
  • EYES WIDE OPEN (Einaym Pkuhot) (U.S. Premiere/World Cinema) (Dir. Haim Tabakman) Aaron, a respectable butcher in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox community, is married to Rivka and a dedicated father to four children. He hires young Ezri, a handsome and homeless Yeshiva student to help in the butcher shop. Aaron becomes Ezri's patron, but when they go together to a remote "Mikve" (sacred ritual bath), an intimate moment occurs between them. From that moment on, Aaron is swept away in a whirlpool of love and lust for Ezri. When Aaron is threatened by the "Modesty Guards" of the Ultra-Orthodox community, he comes to a decision to commit an irreversible act.

    EXPOSURE SCREENINGS: Every year, in the 'fiercely independent' political spirit of the Woodstock Film Festival, the festival presents a collection of Exposure Screenings-- films of social responsibility, dedicated to shedding light on important political or social issues. In addition to our opening night film, The Messenger, this year's screenings include:

  • 21 BELOW (New York Premiere) (Dir. Samantha Buck) depicts the day-to-day struggles of a family faced with poverty, terminal illness, drugs, and teenage pregnancy, trapped in a socio-economic class.
  • CONVENTION (New York Premiere) (Dir. AJ Schnack) presents the 2008 Democratic National Convention from the perspectives of the protesters, the local politicians, the event planners, the press and many more through a vast collaboration of a multitude of award-winning documentarians.
  • AFTER THE STORM (East Coast Premiere) (After the Storm) (Dir. Hilla Medalia) follows three New York theater professionals as they produce Once On This Island with children in New Orleans determined to help rebuild a community that four years after Hurricane Katrina has shockingly yet to be rebuilt.
  • GARBAGE DREAMS (Dir. Mai Iskander) examines the Zaballeen, Arabic for 'Garbage People,' who have lived on the outskirts of Cairo surviving by recycling 80% of the garbage they collect. In this documentary, faced with the globalization of their trade, three teenagers in the community are forced to make choices about their futures.
  • SHOOTING BEAUTY (New York Premiere) (Dir. George Kachadorian) tells the story of fashion photographer Courtney Bent and how her life was changed forever after given the opportunity to photograph the severely disabled. In this documentary, Courtney explores the world of the disabled through their eyes.
  • OCTOBER COUNTRY (New York Premiere) (Dir. Michael Palmieri, Donal Mosher), this heartbreaking documentary portrays the hardships of blue-collar life haunted by war, teen pregnancy, foster care and child abuse in New York's Mohawk Valley.
  • THOSE WHO REMAIN (Dir. Carlos Hagerman and Juan Carlos Rulfo) this documentary takes a rare look at the members of Mexican immigrant families left behind and how families every day are split along the Mexican boarder.
  • WITHOUT A HOME (East Coast Premiere) (Dir. Rachel Fleischer) follows director Rachel Fleischer's exploration of the homeless living on LA's Skid Row as she tries to help people faced with alcoholism, drug addiction and extreme poverty forge a new life.

    (Untitled) directed by Jonathan Parker; 2B directed by Richard Kroehling; Against the Current directed by Peter Callahan; Caprica directed by Jeffrey Reiner; Children of Invention directed by Tze Chun; Dear Lemon Lima directed by Suzi Yoonessi; Don't Let Me Drown directed by Cruz Angeles; Easier with Practice directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez; The Eclipse directed by Conor McPherson; Entre Nos directed by Paola Mendoza and Gloria La Morte; Eyes Wide Open (Einaym Pkuhot) directed by Haim Tabakman; Harlem Aria directed by William Jennings; Harmony and Me directed by Bob Byington; Me and Orson Welles directed by Richard Linklater; The Men Who Stare at Goats directed by Grant Heslov; The Messenger directed by Oren Moverman; Motherhood directed by Katherine Dieckmann; The Overbrook Brothers directed by John Bryant; The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll directed by Scott D. Rosenbaum; The Private Lives of Pippa Lee directed by Rebecca Miller; Ricky directed by Francois Ozon; Splinterheads directed by Brant Sersen; (Untitled) by Jonathan PArker. White On Rice directed by Dave Boyle; Up in the Air by Jason Reitman; Youth in Revolt directed by Miguel Arteta.

    (Untitled), Against The Current, Children Of Invention, Dear Lemon Lima, Don't Let Me Drown, Harmony and Me, The Overbrook Brothers

    21 Below directed by Samantha Buck; After the Storm directed by Hilla Medalia; Convention directed by AJ Schnack; Cropsey directed by Joshua Zeman & Barbara Brancaccio; Garbage Dreams directed by Mai Iskander; Junior directed by Jenna Rosher; Mighty Uke directed by Tony Coleman; More Than A Game directed by Kristopher Belman; Music We Are by Mirav Ozeri; Neil Young Trunk Show directed by Jonathan Demme; October Country directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher; Racing Dreams directed by Marshall Curry; REDLIGHT directed by Guy Jacobson, Adi Ezroni; Shooting Beauty directed by George Kachadorian; The Tiger Next Door directed by Camilla Calamandrei; The Time of Their Lives directed by Jocelyn Cammack; Those Who Remain directed by Carlos Hagerman and Juan Carlos Rulfo; Trimpin: The Sound of Invention directed by Peter Esmonde; When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors directed by Tom DiCillo; William Kunstler, Disturbing the Universe directed by Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler; Without A Home directed by Rachel Fleischer; Woodstock: Now and Then directed by Barbara Kopple.

    After the Storm
    , Convention, Garbage Dreams , Junior, October Country, Racing Dreams, and Trimpin: The Sound of Invention

    Shorts are among the festival's most popular offerings. This year, more than 50 world-class shorts will be screened in seven different program sets including:
    FLAK (Flak, A Time Comes)
    LIFE (A Horse Is Not A Metaphor, Birth, Suspended)

    LOVE IS... (Adelaide, First Time Long Time, Kindness, Lost Paradise, Stooge, Unmoored)
    NURSERY CRIMES (The Bell, Limo, Miracle Fish, Morning Echo, tripoli, QUIET)
    OUT OF OUR MINDS (OOOM-Our of Our Mings, The Grass is Greener, Killer)
    PATHS (The 4th of July Parade, Knife Point, Path Lighs)
    ROAD RAGE (Eiko, Love and Roadkill, Maso, On the Road to Tel Aviv, Qulaity Time)
    SINNER (Pinhas, Sinner)

    Also featured, our heralded ANIMATED Shorts program (Backwards, Birth, Cosmic Honeymoon, Dahlia, Divers, Hunger Like The Wolf, Incident at Tower 37, Machine, The Man In The Blue Gordini, Mother's Day, Santa: The Fascist Years, The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!, Unnatural History of Wallstreet) The program is curated by the incomparable Bill Plympton (SANTA: The Fascist Years) and Signe Baumane (Birth).

    Shorts screening prior to feature films include A Lot of Chocolate, Annie Leibovitz – So There You Go, Christopher Dispossessed, No Good Reason, Q&A, Royal Nightmare, Unbelievable 4, and four films about the Hudson River (Ice Sailing on the Hudson River, Lighthouse Keeper, Rocking the Boat, Shad Fishing)

    FILMS OF THE HUDSON VALLEY: Working in conjunction with the Hudson Valley Film Commission (it's sister organization), the Woodstock Film Festival has worked since its inception to unite and strengthen the Hudson Valley film community, making the creation of many of these screen gems possible. (see films of the Hudson Valley release)

  • AGAINST THE CURRENT (East Coast Premiere) (Dir. Peter Callahan(Last Ball), this scenic drama depicts a man, haunted by a tragic loss in his past, determined to swim the Hudson River from Troy to New York City. Stars Joseph Fiennes, Justin Kirk, Elizabeth Reaser, with a poignant turn by the Hudson Valley's Mary Tyler Moore.
  • OCTOBER COUNTRY (New York Premiere) (Dir. Michael Palmieri, Donal Mosher), this heartbreaking documentary portrays the hardships of blue-collar life haunted by war, teen pregnancy, foster care and child abuse in New York's Mohawk Valley.
  • SPLINTERHEADS (East Coast Premiere) (Dir. Brant Sersen), this romantic comedy tells the story of Justin Frost (Thomas Middleditch) a lazy, good for nothing, who falls for sexy carnie con artist Galaxy (Rachel Taylor), and begins to understand that there's more to life than doing nothing. Scenes were shot locally in Pine Bush, New Paltz & High Falls, NY.

    FOCUS ON MUSIC: For the 10th Anniversary Woodstock Film Festival and celebrating the 40th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock 69 Festival of Music and Art, WFF's line up contains several films celebrating music and the musical icons of the Woodstock generation, including:

  • NEIL YOUNG TRUNK SHOW (Dir. Jonathan Demme) (U.S. Premiere) Catching lighter moments with Neil Young backstage and featuring electrifying and soulfully acoustic songs onstage, this fascinating film depicts Young performing at a small theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Academy Award winning director Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) following up on his 2006 Neil Young documentary Heart of Gold, continues to be the unprecedented auteur of the concert documentary.
  • WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE: A FILM ABOUT THE DOORS (Dir. Tom DiCillio) Chronicles the creation of The Doors' six landmark studio albums in just five years, as well as their electrifying live performances. Rare cinĄma vĄritĄ footage offers an intimate glimpse into their musical collaboration and their offstage lives. After the screening there will be a Q&A with director Tom DiCillio.
  • MIGHTY UKE (Dir. Tony Coleman) (World Premiere) This lovely film travels the world to discover why so many people of different nations, cultures, ages and musical tastes are turning to the ukulele to express themselves, connect with the past, and with each other.
  • MUSIC WE ARE (World Premiere) (Dir.Mirav Ozeri) is a short documentary by Woodstock resident Mirav Ozeri, providing a rare look into the creative process of legendary jazz drummer/composer Jack De Johnette (2008 Grammy winner), and musicians Danilo Perez and John Patitucci as they create their latest album. The film was shot entirely in Catskill, NY.
  • OOOM: Out of Our Minds (Dir. Tony Stone) A stunning, mythical and musical journey, occurring in three time periods. Conceived by musician Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole/Smashing Pumpkins) and birthed by filmmaker Tony Stone (Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America) this mini epic is proudly self-produced and shot in the Hudson Valley on high definition video fueled entirely by solar power.
  • WOODSTOCK: NOW AND THEN (Dir. Barbara Kopple) Featuring never-before-seen footage, photographs and illustrations of the '69 concert, this documentary examines Woodstock and the extent of its influence through today's musicians, artists, and political figures. Following the film, there will be a special reception attended by Executive Producer and '69 Woodstock promoter Michael Lang and two-time Academy Award® winning director Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA, American Dream).
  • THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL (East Coast Premiere) (Dir. Scott Rosenbaum) featuring Lukas Haas, Peter Fonda and Ruby Dee, depicts a young musician, eager to avoid being a one hit wonder, returning home to unite with a former collaborator and childhood friend who has become a middle school music teacher. The reunion forces the two to recall their youthful ambitions and reexamine the choices they've made.

    The annual WFF Awards include the Honorary Maverick Award, The Honorary Trailblazer Award, Best Narrative Feature, Best Feature Documentary Best Short Narrative, Best Short Documentary, Best Animated Short, Best Student Short, the Maverick Award for Excellence in Film Editing, and the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography.

  • The 2009 Honorary Maverick Award, recognizing an individual whose life and work embodies the Maverick spirit as a symbol of creativity, risk taking and independent thought, will be presented to Academy Award® nominated writer/director Richard Linklater, whose body of work holds true to the independent spirit. Presenting the Honorary Maverick Award will be Linklater's long time friend and collaborator, actor Ethan Hawke. Linklater's latest film, Me and Orson Welles will be having its US Premiere as one of the Spotlight films in this year's lineup, and he will participate in a panel discussion during the festival. (see full Maverick release)

  • The 2009 Honorary Trailblazer Award, given each year to an individual whose ingenuity has helped to redefine the independent film industry, will be presented to Emmy award- winning producer Ted Hope, one of the most respected independent producers in indie film. Hope co-founded the groundbreaking film companies Good Machine, and This is That, has produced a multitude of award-winning films and has proven him to be an extraordinary powerhouse of independent film. The award will be presented by independent film icon, producer Christine Vachon, recipient of WFF's 2007 Maverick award. (see full Trailblazer release)

  • The Gala WFF Awards Ceremony will take place Saturday night, October 3, in nearby Kingston NY. Last year's honorees and presenters included Ang Lee, James Schamus, Kevin Smith, John Sayles, Haskell Wexler, John Sloss, Morgan Spurlock, Mary Stuart Masterson, Melissa Leo and other stellar indie talents. The Maverick Awards are hand-crafted by internationally acclaimed artist and long-time Woodstock resident Steve Heller.

    PARTICIPATING LUMINARIES: The list of industry professionals and talent who have attended the WFF over the past ten years and who are attending this year, reads like a veritable who's who of the indie world. Many have been invited back to participate in the 10th Anniversary celebration, joining '09 participants. They include:
    Adrian Grenier, Aidan Quinn, Albert Maysles, Ang Lee, Annabella Sciorra, Barbara Kopple (09), Ben Foster (09), Benjamin Bratt, Bill Plympton (09), Bingham Ray, Bob Berney, Christine Vachon, D.A. Pennebaker, Dan Hedaya, Daniel Day-Lewis, David Schwimmer, David Strathairn, Donal Logue, Doreen Ringer-Ross (09), Eamonn Bowles, Ellen Chenoweth, Ellen Kuras, Elmer Bernstein, Ethan Hawke (09), Fisher Stevens (09), Gary Winick, Giancarlo Esposito ,Griffin Dunne, Haskell Wexler, Ira Deutchman, Ira Sachs (09), Ismail Merchant, James Ivory (09), James Schamus ,Jason Kliot, Jeff Lipsky, John Pierson, John Sayles, John Sloss, Jonathan Sehring, Jonas Mekas, Jonathan Demme (09), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Karyn Kusama, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Corrigan (09), Kevin Smith, Laura Linney, Larry Fessenden (09), Lemore Syvan (09), Leon Gast (09), Les Blank, Liev Schreiber, Lili Taylor, Liz Garbus, Marcia Gay Harden, Mark Duplass, Mark Urman, Mary Harron, Mary Stuart Masterson, Matt Dillon, Melissa Leo, Michael Almereyda, Mira Nair, Morgan Spurlock, Nancy Abraham (09), Natalie Merchant (09), Olympia Dukakis, Parker Posey, Patricia Clarkson, Peter Bowen (09), Peter Gabriel, Peter Hedges, Peter Saraf (09), Phil Donahue, Ray Kurzweil (09), Rebecca Miller, Richard Linklater (09), Robert Downey Sr., Ron Mann (09), Ron Nyswaner (09), Rory Kennedy, Rosie Perez, Sam Rockwell, Stanley Tucci, Steve Buscemi (09 ), Steve Guttenberg, Ted Hope (09), Ted Sarandos, Tamara Jenkins, Tim Blake Nelson, Tim Robbins, Timothy Hutton, Todd Haynes, Tom Di Cillio (09), Uma Thurman (09), Christine Vachon (09), Woody Harrelson, and Vera Farmiga (09) among other luminaries.

    JURORS: An outstanding group of industry leaders make up the jury for each category of competition.

  • Feature Narratives: Producer Peter Saraf (Everything is Illuminated, Little Miss Sunshine, Adaptation), Emily Russo (Co-founder/Co-President Zeitgeist Films) and Director Ira Sachs (Married Life, Forty Shades of Blue);
  • Feature Documentaries: Director/Owner of Loki Films Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp, Boys of Baraka), Director/Producer Ron Mann (Flak, Grass, Comic Book Confidential), and Nancy Abraham (Senior V.P.Documentary Programming, HBO);
  • Shorts: Stephen Garrett (Co-Founder Kinetic Trailers), Jeffrey Abramson (Senior Vice President of Film, Gen Art) and Casting Director Amy Devra Gossels (Something's Gotta Give, Godsend, Milk and Honey);
  • Student Shorts: Peter Bowen (Editorial Director for Film in Focus, Filmmaker Magazine), Journalist/Filmmaker Annie Nocenti (Scenario Magazine, writer Patriotville), Lawyer/Producer/Executive Producer Jonathan Gray (Goodbye Solo, Against the Current);
  • Animation: Animator Bill Plympton (Idiots and Angels, Guard Dog, Your Face), and Animator Signe Baumane (Birth, Teat Beat of Sex);
  • Editing Narrative: Editor Sabine Hoffman (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Ballad of Jack and Rose), Editor Craig McKay (Reds, Silence of the Lambs, Everything is Illuminated), and Editor Brian A. Kates (The Savages, Taking Chance, The Laramie Project);
  • Editing Documentary: Editor Sabine Hoffman (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Ballad of Jack and Rose), Editor Sloan Klevin (Taxi to the Dark Side, Real Women have Curves), and Doug Abel (The Fog of War, 30 Rock);
  • Cinematography: Academy Award® winning Cinematographer Haskell Wexler (Bound for Glory, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest);

    PANELS & PANELISTS: 2009 panels include:

  • Film Criticism & Journalism; The Actors Dialogue; Amazing Women in Film; The Changing Faces of Independent Filmmaking; Documentaries Then, Now, and Tomorrow; Music in Film; Syfy Channel Presents: Screenwriting: Science Fiction and other Genres; Redesigning Humanity - The New Frontier and Distribution Trends in an Ever Changing Climate.

  • Among the panelists: film journalists Karina Longworth (SpoutBlog), John Anderson (Variety & NY Times), Owen Gleiberman (Entertainment Weekly), Eric Kohn (IndieWire), S.T. VanAirsdale (Movieline), Karen Durbin (Elle) and Aaron Hillis (Village Voice, GreenCine Daily); actor Vera Farminga; computer and machine theorists Ray Kurzweil, Martine Rothblatt and Wendel Wallach; film distributor Emily Russo (Zeitgeist Films); VP of Film/TV Relations Doreen Ringer Ross (BMI); Film Legal Counsel Jonathan Gray (Goodbye Solo, Against the Current), Robert Seigel (Forty Shades of Blue), Steven Beer (The Matador) and filmmakers Ira Sachs (Married Life, Forty Shades of Blue), Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Fast Food Nation), Barbara Kopple (American Dream, Harlan Country U.S.A.), Leon Gast (When We Were Kings), Emily Kunstler (William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe), AJ Schnack (Convention), Katherine Dieckmann (Motherhood), Pamela Koffler (Motherhood), Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs), Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion), Tze Chun (Windowbreaker), T. Griffin (New Orleans, Mon Amour), Godfrey Cheshire (Moving Midway), Rachel Grady (Jesus Camp) and more. Woodstock Film Festival panels are made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Academy Foundation

  • In addition, the 10TH WFF boldly goes where it has never gone before, presenting the ground-breaking panel, REDESIGNING HUMANITY-THE NEW FRONTIER, exploring ethics and how the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence and transhumanism, will impact the human race within the next 50 years. Presented in conjunction with two futuristic narrative features - the World Premiere of 2B directed by Richard Kroehling, and Sneak Preview of Syfy Channel's hotly anticipated, new feature-length pilot, Caprica, written by Ronald D. Moore/directed by Jeffrey Reiner -- this intellectually, star-studded panel discussion will provide rare insight into our not-so-future world.
  • CONCERTS: WFF is well-known for its world-class concerts and parties and this year is no exception. Exciting, musical happenings are planned for Wednesday through Saturday nights. Specific events to be announced.

  • LAUNCH PARTY: The official WFF Launch Party will be held Tuesday, September 22, in NYC.

    Advance single admission tickets are available on-line, beginning Monday, Sept. 7th at WFF's secure website:

    The Festival Box Office is located in the center of Woodstock, at 13 Rock City Rd.
    For box office hours, see TICKET INFO

    Reserve early. Shows tend to sell out quickly. Ticket prices for WFF events range from $8-$75. Panels range in price from $15-$20. There are also a limited number of special Full Festival Passes. For more information contact the Box Office at (845) 810-0131.

    MERCHANDISE: The Box Office also offers a cool array of WFF souvenirs, including 10th Anniversary Commemorative posters and t-shirts designed by graphics legend Milton Glazer. Come by: 13 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY (Right off the village green) or call (845) 810-0131.

    2009 SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS: (alphabetically) 120db Films, the Academy Foundation, A&E Indiefilms, BMI, Ciroc Vodka, The James Lyons Estate, The Lee Marvin Estate, Lowel Light, National Endowment For The Arts. New York State Council On The Arts, Panavision New York, The Perry & Martin Granoff Family Foundation, Stella Artois, Syfy, Teany, TIME, WDST, Writer's Guild of America, East

    PRESS ACCREDITATION: To request, email the WFF 09 Press Team: For more information contact Ilene Marder, Press Director, or Gabe Meyers, Deputy Press Director at (845) 679-4265.

    The 10th annual Woodstock Film Festival will take place September 30th-October 4th, 2009.  The “fiercely independent” festival includes more than 150 films, panels, concerts and special events in Woodstock and the neighboring towns of Kingston, Rhinebeck and Rosendale. For more information visit

    Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Woodstock Film Festival premiers exceptional films; hosting the most talented emerging and established professionals in the movie industry; presenting A-list concerts, parties and panels, and creating stimulating, innovative programming year-round.

    The Woodstock Film Festival is a not-for-profit, 501©(3) organization whose mission is to present an annual program and year-round schedule of film, music and art-related activities that promotes artists, culture, inspired learning, and diversity.

    For more information please call (845) 679-4265 or visit

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