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  • Adrian Grenier, Meira Blaustein, Clark Stiles Nathan Khyber
  • The Dry Land
  • The Dry Land
  • Philippe Petit Q&A after MAN ON WIRE screening at Tinker Street Cinema presneted by the WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL. In his hand, Philippe is holding the prototype that was created of the Academy Award statuette (from a bowling pin) with help from upstate friends. The prototype allowed Philippe the opportunity to practice balancing the trophy on his chin in the event that MAN ON WIRE wone an Academy┬« Award. It did and he balanced the statue live in front of millions watch on television. During the Q&A, Philippe also explained that he practiced with a real Oscar┬« at Woody Allen's apartment in Manhattan.
  • 2008 Woodstock Film Festival poster by Milton Glaser
  • Uma Thurman at 2009 Woodstock FIlm Festival
  • Thursday Night Party at New World Home Cooking, Photobooth
  • Award Ceremony at Backstage Productions
  • Kevin Smithwards ceremony2008 Woodstock FIlm Festival