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Thanks to all the donors who helped us reach our goal to raise MATCHING FUNDS for our 2018 NYSCA facilities grant.

Beginning in January of 2018, we have started renovating the top floor of the film center. Work will include:
- Demo and renovation of 2 office spaces & bathroom ($20k)
- Electric upgrades ($5k)
- 5 new windows ($3k)
   *includes removal of old windows and new installation
- Installation of spray foam insulation under roof line ($12k)
   *includes demo and new walls after foam insualtion)

There is always more work to be done, so please consider giving to our Capital Campaign fund.

In January 2011, we purchased this property at 13 Rock City Road in the center of Woodstock, formerly known as Heckeroth Plumbing, where the iconic film legend Lee Marvin once worked as an apprentice plumber. Over the years, we have made countless improvements as we have transformed the property into a FILM CENTER.

This space has been invaluable in making the film festival and the film commission more easily accessible to the community. In addition to providing administrative offices and a souvenir / box office storefront, we now regularly hold meetings, workshops, casting calls, and more to advance film exhibition and production in the region.

Founded in 2000, The Woodstock Film Festival is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization with a mission to present an annual program and year-round schedule of film, music and art-related activities that promotes artists, culture, inspired learning and diversity.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission creates sustainable economic development by attracting, supporting and promoting local film, video and media production in the Hudson Valley - Catskills.

Thanks to generous contributors, we have accomplished many of our goals.
Damaged roof was fixed and shingles were replaced.

A dingy old storeroom was transformed into a beautiful conference room and office.

Former attached garage was transformed into a brand new employee entrance with an office space that doubles as a small screening room.

Electric and plumbing were brought up to code.

Hardwood floors were refinished and interior walls painted.

A french drain was put in to stop water damage.

The exterior porch was transformed into a fully functional, multi purpose room.

Heating units were replaced.

And more...

All contributions are
tax-deductible to
the extent allowed by law.

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