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Tickets will NOT be sent to the venues. When planning your festival schedule, please bear in mind that Woodstock, Rhinebeck,
Rosendale and Saugerties are located up to 30 minutes from one another. For venue locations and maps, see ticket info page.

Films in alphabetic order
Nada ElAzhary
Johnny Boston
59 Seconds
Mauro Carraro
A Murder In Mansfield
Barbara Kopple
A Private War
Matthew Heineman
A Year
Jisun Jamie Kim
Across The Universe
Julie Taymor
Advocates, The
Rèmi Kessler
After Her
Aly Migliori
After the Collapse
Ethan Laclaverie
Almost Home
Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen
Along the Water
Marissa Gaylin
Antouni (Homeless)
Alik Tamar
Are You Still Singing?
Gillian Barnes
Ask For Jane
Rachel Carey
Leonora Lonsdale
Beautiful Things
Dina Waxman
Beyond the Night
Jason Noto
Black Spirit
Chakib Taleb-Bendiab
Boy Boy Girl Girl
Ross Kauffman
Boyish - Music by Japanese Breakfast
Michelle Zauner
Can't Hurry Love
Lola Cook
Carmine Street Guitars
Ron Mann
Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor
Lynne Sachs
Christmas Rabbit, The
Christophe Lopez–Huici
Cold Brook
William Fichtner
Crying Room, The
Shalom Auslander
Del Rio
Raj Trivedi
Anna Gilmore
Dorst (Craving)
Saskia Diesing
Dreaming of a Vetter World
Bonnie Hawthorne
Dreams By The Sea
Sakaris Stora
Dumb Dumb - Music by Cipherella
Daniela Croci
Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)
Joseph Wallace
Mario Addis
English Teecher, The
Andy and Carolyn London
Even Ants Strive for Survival
Ren Xia
Feeling of Being Watched, The
Assia Boundaoui
For The Birds
Richard Miron
Fort Maria
S. Cagney Gentry and Thomas Southerland
Found - Music by Toulouse
Jason Sondock and Simon Davis
Leah Shore
Chayadol Lomtong
Ghost Fleet
Shannon Service and Jeffrey Waldron
Ghost Light
John Stimpson
Give Us This Day
Jeff and Michael Zimbalist
Glendale - Music by Clans
Sean Wehrli
Goose in High Heels
John R. Dilworth
Hale County This Morning, This Evening
RaMell Ross
He's Watching
Arthur Metcalf
Here and Now
Roman Shumunov
Hitchhiker's Guide to Suburbia, The
Alex Alford and Zak Denley
Homing In
Parker Hill
I Am The Only One
Aicha Cherif
In Our Bones
Alex Kimura
Inclusion On the Air
Eli Canter
Interpreters, The
Andrés Caballero and Sofian Khan
Justine Williams
Julia Blue
Roxy Toporowych
Karl Berger - Music Mind
Julian Benedikt
Keely and Du
Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardona
Land of the Fairies - Music by Rami Fortis
Amiel Kestenbaum
Last Requests
Courtenay Johnson
Last Seance, The
Laura Kulik
Lessons from a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane
Kim A. Snyder
Lez Bomb
Jenna Laurenzo
Skye Fitzgerald
Little Woods
Nia DaCosta
Love Revisited
Nicole van Kilsdonk
Roberto Gutiérrez
Magic Meadow of Dreams - Music by Journey Blue Heaven
Journey Blue Heaven, Michael Orange, Jackson Golberg
Magical Mystery of Musigny, The
Emmett Goodman and John Meyer
Mandarin - Music by Boogrov
Denis Chibiryak
Sholto Crow
Melt Down
Amy Jingyi Xu
Mi Hermano (My Brother)
Alexis Gambis
Michelin Stars - Tales from the Kitchen
Rasmus Dinesen
Mirror Mirror
Jacob Internicola
Jordan Rathus
Moved to Tiers
Avery Herzog
Movie House on Main Street, The
Teresa Torchiano
Melissa Haizlip and Sam Pollard
Cynthia Lowen
One Small Step
Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas
Only A Switch
Michael Vincent
Paprika - Music by No Metal in this Battle
Gwen François
Paris Song
Jeff Vespa
Past The Fear
Samuel Levine
Personal Statement
Juliane Dressner and Edwin Martinez
Pora Sotunda - Music by The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices
Ivan Moskov
Pour 585
Patrick Smith
Alyssa Rallo Bennett
Rooster and The Queen
Aaron Weisblatt
Claire Fowler
Leilah Weinraub
Shiva Baby
Emma Seligman
Camille Dobbs
Alex Moratto
Solicitous - Music by Drekoty
Zuzanna Plisz
Ben Powell and Harry Lee
Max Blustin
Brendan Walter
Stay Human
Michael Franti
Suicide: The Ripple Effect
Kevin Hines, Greg Dicharry
Swimming With Men
Oliver Parker
The Velvet Underground Played at My High School
Robert Pietri and Tony Jannelli
Then Came You
Peter Hutchings
Trump Bites
Bill Plympton
Two Balloons
Mark C. Smith
Anja Murmann
Suzi Yoonessi
Amy Wang
Up to Snuff
Mark Maxey
Vicarious Resilience
Eva Tenuto
Takeshi Kushida
Wake Up
Maura Palden
We Only Know So Much
Donal Lardner Ward
Welcome to the New World
Anni Sultany and Jerry Suen
What Is Democracy?
Astra Taylor
What They Had
Elizabeth Chomko
Paul Starkman
Paul Dano
Winds of Downhill, The
Todd Wider and Jedd Wider
World Before Your Feet, The
Jeremy Workman
Suzannah Herbert and Lauren Belfer
Younger Days
Paula van der Oest
Your Face Global Jam
Ken Mora
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