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Michelin Stars - Tales from the Kitchen
Directed by
Rasmus Dinesen

Denmark / 2017 / 82

English, and Spanish, French, Danish, Japanese, German with subtitles

Screening Times and Venues:
Orpheum Theater SAUGERTIES
10/12/2018, 3:30PM
Upstate Films WOODSTOCK
10/14/2018, 12:45PM

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Rasmus Dinesen, Jesper Jarl Becker, Chef Ric Orlando
Just as filmmakers influence how we experience our world, great chefs influence how we grow, eat and think about food. This beautifully filmed documentary explores the mind and motivation of those who attempt to “create a journey and allow us to step away from our everyday lives through a gustatory experience.” Taking us into the most beautiful restaurants, serving the most exquisite cuisines, director Rasmus Dinesen serves up an in-depth and honest look into the world of Michelin chefs, as well as digging into the greatness and flaws of the Michelin Guide, founded over 115 years ago as a road guide for travel enthusiasts to find the best dining and lodging, and now the barometer for the most passionate of the culinary craft. Michelin Stars illuminates the motivation, elation and agony of those who spend their lives searching, evolving and replicating their emotions on a plate to maintain their stars and their devotees. —Chef/Activist Ric Orlando
Ramus Dinesen made his first feature-length documentary in 2003: Det forbudte landshold (The Forbidden Team), about the first Tibetan national football team. In 2011, he turned to the victory of Danish chef Ramus Kofoed - today distinguished with three stars - at the Bocuse d'Or championship to film Verdens Bedste Kok (World's Finest Chef) (2001). In 2015, he directed the documentary TV series Star Chefs, on Michelin-starred restaurants. He also directs and produces music videos and commercial films.
Cast/Featuring: Michael Ellis, Alain Ducasse, Rene Redzepi, Andoni Aduriz, Daniel Humm
Executive Producer(s): Carsten Holst and Lars Seier Christensen
Producer(s): Jesper Jarl Becker and Kristian Brask Thomsen
Director(s): Rasmus Dinesen
Screenwriter(s): Idea by Jesper Jarl Becker, Rasmus Dinesen, Carsten Holst
Cinematographer(s): Rasmus Dinesen and Jesper Jarl Becker
Editor(s): Martin Munck Schmidt
Composer(s)/Music: Rune Funch
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