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Feeling of Being Watched, The
Directed by
Assia Boundaoui

USA / 2018 / 87

English and Arabic with subtitles

Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films II RHINEBECK
10/13/2018, 4:15PM
Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
10/14/2018, 5:30PM

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Rabab Haj Yahya
What is it like to live under constant surveillance? Just ask Assia Boundaoui, a Muslim and an investigative journalist who grew up in Bridgeview, IL, a tight-knit community with a large Muslim population where the FBI seems to have taken up residence as early as 1990. Using the code name “Vulgar Betrayal,” a special agent launched an investigation into charitable funds he believed were being siphoned to terrorist organizations. Under the umbrella of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Assia is determined to find the truth. Met with rejection at nearly every step, “...the thin letters are never good news,” Assia remarks as she opens the letters denying her requests. Undeterred, she continues to dig deeper, ultimately finding more than 33,000 heavily redacted surveillance documents. A true- life detective story, The Feeling of Being Watched utilizes flash frames and snappy editing to meticulously reveal racial profiling at its most extreme. Gripping and compelling filmmaking. —Barbara Pokras, ACE
Assia Boundaoui is an Algerian-American journalist and filmmaker based in Chicago. She has reported for the BBC, NPR, PRI, AlJazeera, VICE, and CNN. Her debut short film about hijabi hair salons for the HBO Lenny documentary series premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Her feature-length debut The Feeling of Being Watched, a documentary investigating a decade of FBI surveillance in Boundaoui's Muslim-American community, had its world premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. She is currently a fellow with the Co-Creation Studio at the MIT Open Documentary Lab, where she is iterating her most recent work, the Inverse Surveillance Project. Boundaoui has a Masters degree in journalism from New York University and is fluent in Arabic.
Cast/Featuring: Assia Boundaoui, Rabia Boundaoui, Sohib Boundaoui, Iman Boundaoui, Nouha Boundaoui, Oussama Boundaoui
Executive Producer(s): Jim Butterworth, Daniel J. Chalfen, Dan Cogan, Jenny Raskin, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Debra Mcleod, Jay K. Sears, Bill Harnisch, Ruth Ann Harnisch, Alexa Poletto, Michael D. Mann, Barry W. Rashkover, Vijay Dewan
Producer(s): Jessica Devaney, Assia Boundaoui
Director(s): Assia Boundaoui
Screenwriter(s): Assia Boundaoui
Cinematographer(s): Shuling Yong
Editor(s): Rabab Haj Yahya
Composer(s)/Music: Angélica Negrón
Sound Designer(s): Filipe Messeder
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