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Light of the Moon, The
Directed by
Jessica M. Thompson

USA / 2017 / 95
New York Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Jessica Thompson, Michael Cuomo, Carlo Velayo
Walking home alone late at night after drinks with friends, listening to music on her headphones and unaware of her surroundings, a young woman is accosted and dragged into a dingy, Brooklyn alleyway. She is brutally beaten and violently raped. Staggering home to the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, the trauma becomes her new reality. Bonnie's story is, sadly, not unique. While she admits to being mugged, deep shame prevents her from disclosing the rape to her caring co-workers and concerned Latina mother. Meanwhile, her sympathetic boyfriend Matt is guilt-ridden because he wasn't there to protect her. As Bonnie struggles to regain her sense of self and rages at Matt's well-meaning attentiveness, we question if one can heal while avoiding the truth. From the impersonal rape kit to the fruitless attempt to identify the rapist, director Jessica Thompson's compassionate and engaging filmmaking deftly guides us through the psyche of the victim. — Barbara Pokras, ACE
Jessica M. Thompson is an Emmy-nominated Australian filmmaker who lives in New York City. She studied acting at three major drama schools in Australia, before attending Film School in Sydney, where she met Carlo Velayo. They quickly formed a formidable filmmaking duo and have made several award-winning short films together, including, Hike, Percepio and Across the Pond. In 2011, Jess founded Stedfast Productions, a collective of visual storytellers. As an film editor, she has worked with twice Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, and on the Sundance-winning film, Watchers of the Sky. Jess also edited Cheryl Furjanic's award-winning and Emmy-nominated documentary, Back on Board: Greg Louganis, which recently premiered on HBO. The Light of the Moon is Jess' long-awaited feature directorial debut.
Cast/Featuring: Stephanie Beatriz, Michael Stahl-David, Conrad Ricamora, Catherine Curtin, Cara Loften.
Executive Producer(s): Stephanie Beatriz, Alex Cirillo, Andrea Cirillo, R. Burns, Carl Cook, Gail Hili, Dani Faith Leonard, Raymond K. Javdan, Esq., A. Kuksal, Sreekanth Middela
Producer(s): Carlo Velayo, Jessica M. Thompson, Michael Cuomo
Director(s): Jessica M. Thompson
Screenwriter(s): Jessica M. Thompson
Cinematographer(s): Autumn Eakin
Editor(s): Jessica M. Thompson
Production Designer(s): Lauren Helms
Composer(s)/Music: David Torn
Sound Designer(s): Darin Hallinan
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