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Bachelors, The
Directed by
Kurt Voelker

USA / 2016 / 100
East Coast Premiere

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Kurt Voelker
Grieving over the death of his wife, Bill Palet (in a subtly charismatic performance by JK Simmons) makes a bold move, packing up his life and adolescent son to start anew in LA. With a striking performance by up-and-coming actor Josh Wiggins as Wes, the father-son relationship permeates the story as they each contend with their grief, assisted by the relationships they build.

Wes finds solace in new friends and pursuits, but this sense of "normal" is upended as Bill falls into a debilitating depression. Struggling to keep a grip on their lives, their story is intertwined with two women — a discerning French professor (Julie Delphy) who cares deeply for her students, and a troubled girl (impeccably played by Odeya Rush) whose kindness is obscured by a dark reputation.

Witty, heartening and full of honest sentiment and fresh dialog, The Bachelors explores how grief can sabotage our ability for compassion, while love has the power to drive healing. — Colton Cox

Kurt Voelker was born and raised in Texas and went to graduate film school at USC, where he wrote and directed the award-winning short, Decade of Love. He has since written feature screenplays for Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, Sony, Paramount, MTV, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jerry Zucker and others. His work includes the Warner Bros release Sweet November, starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves, and Lionsgate/Huayi Brothers' animated feature, Rock Dog. He also co-created Sweden, Ohio, a comedy pilot for Fox and recently worked on the writing staff of the NBC primetime drama, Game of Silence. Kurt also wrote and directed the award-winning independent feature, Park, and just recently finished writing and directing The Bachelors, an independent feature starring J.K. Simmons, Julie Delpy, Odeya Rush and Josh Wiggins.
Cast/Featuring: J.K. Simmons, Josh Wiggins, Odeya Rush, Kevin Dunn, Julie Delpy
Executive Producer(s): Leo Kiely, Ryan Dorff
Producer(s): Joseph McKelheer, Matt Baer, Bill Kiely
Director(s): Kurt Voelker
Screenwriter(s): Kurt Voelker
Cinematographer(s): Antonio Riestra
Editor(s): Anita Burgoyne
Composer(s)/Music: Joel P. West
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