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Woodstock - A Love Poem
Directed by
Leon Gast

USA / 2016 / TBD

World Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Woodstock a Love Poem tells the story of modern day Woodstock as seen through the eyes of some of its notable characters. Among them are Joyce and Ron Balsamo, long time collectors of fine art and sculpture, writer Tad Wise, dentist / musician Bruce Milner, gallery owner Tom Fletcher and a host of others. Find out what drew these diverse individuals to this colony of the arts and why they stayed. Crafted lovingly by Academy Award winner Leon Gast, and co-directed by Justin Martinez, Woodstock a Love Poem weaves together a tapestry that is as rich and colorful as the town itself.
Director, producer, editor, and cinematographer Leon Gast is best known for his documentary When We Were Kings, about the epic heavyweight boxing match, Rumble in the Jungle, between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, which won the 1996 Academy Award for Documentary Feature. Prior to this he co-directed The Grateful Dead Movie with Jerry Garcia, and Hells Angels Forever.

Other directing credits include Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa), Celia Cruz and the Fania Allstars in Africa, B.B. King - Sweet 16, One Love, and Soul Power. In 2012 he won Best Director, Documentary at Sundance for Smash his Camera, about paparazzi Ron Galella, and directed a second film on boxing, Manny, in 2014, about the boxing career of Manny Pacquiao.

Before he became a filmmaker, Gast was a photographer for Esquire, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

Cast/Featuring: Ron Balsamo, Joyce Balsamo, Tad Wise, Ike Phillips, Tom Fletcher, Bruce Milner, Robbie Dupree, Michael Lang, Brian Hollander, Richard Segalman, Sam Magarelli, Cathy Magarelli, Mike Anello, Anthony Timpone, Barney Hoskins, Neil Howard, Kali Quinn, Jim Friskel, Jean Michel
Executive Producer(s): Broadview Productions Ltd
Producer(s): Leon Gast
Director(s): Leon Gast
Cinematographer(s): Justin Martinez
Editor(s): Justin Martinez
Other Credits: Co-Director: Justin Martinez


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