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Confession, The
Directed by
Ashish Ghadiali

UK / 2016 / 96

US Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Moazzam Begg - a Brit of Pakistani origin, suspected of terrorism but never convicted - is handsome, impeccably dressed and extraordinarily articulate as he appears on camera talking to an off-screen interviewer. As his chilling tale unfolds, we progress from childhood studies in a Jewish school to his introduction to Islam, his journey to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and ultimately his detention in Guantanamo, Pakistan, Algeria, and Britain. The recounting of his time in captivity is illuminating and horrifying, his lack of resentment admirable: "I wasn't anti-State, the State was anti-me."

Nonetheless, Begg uses his story to expose the complicity of western intelligence in the torture of detainees and the perpetuation of terrorism. In this powerful debut feature, director Ashish Ghadiali probes and pushes his subject as he seeks real answers, yet remains a neutral bystander, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions in gauging Begg's "confession." Whatever your politics, the film offers a thought-provoking new perspective. --Ben F. Fischer

Ashish Ghadiali is a director, writer and cinematographer known for his short films "Encounter", "Love in a Time of Death" and "Skwobble". Before his career in film, Ghadiali worked with the Freedom Theatre, where he designed and implemented the theatre's first multimedia program and oversaw the publication of "Refuge", a collection of writing and photography by children from Jenin Refugee Camp. In 2010, he became the first MFA graduate of New York University's Tisch Asia, where he studied film production under Oliver Stone. He has been engaged since in both the Indian and European film industries, and in December 2012, was included in a showcase of emerging UK Talent at BAFTA, London. "The Confession" is his first feature-length film.
Cast/Featuring: Moazaam Begg
Producer(s): James Rogan
Director(s): Ashish Ghadiali
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