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Paint It Black
Directed by
Amber Tamblyn

USA / 2016 / 96

East Coast Premiere

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Amber Tamblyn, Alia Shawkat, Wren Arthur
First time director Amber Tamblyn, an actress herself, understands the importance of performance. In this character-driven drama, two vastly different women share the same unforeseen loss. In their riveting roles, 21-year-old grunge Josie has lost her lover; wealthy, elegant classical pianist Meredith has lost her son. In a story that mines the depth of grief, we witness an amazingly wide range of responses: anger, confrontation, deep mourning, anguish, dissipation, manipulation, neediness -- all played with such finesse that we feel totally invested in the trials of both women. Watching Josie deal with crushing grief, displacement and hopelessness is heartbreaking. And beneath Meredith's villainess there is so much raw emotion it's impossible not to emphasize. Cinematography parallels the mood brilliantly, from the tiny, over-decorated, wacky studio where Josie shared her life with Michael, to black and white indulgences of dark fantasy, to the eerie mansion where Meredith lives in sad solitude, we do indeed "paint it black." But at the last moment, a light begins to shine in. -- Ben F. Fischer
Amber Tamblyn is a writer, director and actress from Los Angeles. She has received an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award nomination for her work in television and film. In television, Tamblyn starred in the cult classic drama "Joan of Arcadia", as well as "House M.D.. Her feature film work includes "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", "127 Hours", "Django Unchained", and the critically lauded "Stephanie Daley", opposite Tilda Swinton. Tamblyn is the author of three books of poetry and prose: "Free Stallion" (Simon & Schuster), "Bang Ditto" (Manic D. Press) and most recently, the acclaimed best seller "Dark Sparkler" (Harper Perennial), which explores the lives and deaths of child star actresses and features artwork from such luminaries as Marilyn Manson and David Lynch, among others. Tamblyn lives in Brooklyn.
Cast/Featuring: Alia Shawkat, Janet McTeer, Alfred Molina, Rhys Wakefield, Emily Rios
Executive Producer(s): Janet McTeer
Producer(s): Wren Arthur, Amy Hobby, Anne Hubbell, Amber Tamblyn
Director(s): Amber Tamblyn
Screenwriter(s): Ed Dougherty, Amber Tamblyn
Cinematographer(s): Brian Rigney Hubbard
Editor(s): Paul Frank
Production Designer(s): Markus Kirschner
Composer(s)/Music: Mac McCaughan
Sound Designer(s): Fred Helm
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