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Stronger than Bullets
Directed by
Matthew Millan

USA, Libya, UK / 2016 / 88

US Premiere

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Matthew Millan
When filmmaker Matthew Millan was recruited by his friend, a Libyan refugee living for decades in LA, to go with him to Benghazi and document the revolution, he was terrified. Once there, what Milan found amidst the bloody revolution to overthrow a 40-year-old dictatorship, was a high octane, defiant music scene and a unified human spirit that was as electrifying as it was inspiring. Hip-hop, heavy metal, rock, and blues take center stage in "Stronger Than Bullets", as the musicians become the leading voices and heroes of the revolution, some paying the ultimate price, dying for what they passionately believe in. Guitars and rifles stand side by side during the fighting, the victory and the chaos that follows. And while the musicians, after gaining a brief period of freedom of expression, are forced once again to practice in secret, they continue to believe that "strings are stronger than bullets." --Svetlana Krotek
Matthew Millan boasts a truly unconventional background for a filmmaker. He graduated from UCSC with a physics degree and worked as an engineer for several years, yet he always found this vocation wanting. So when the opportunity presented itself, he duly quit his job and co-founded 180 Films. Since then, he has built an impressive portfolio, which covers both narratives, music videos, and documentaries.

His work has ushered him to many exotic places, from the snowy peaks of Ladakh, India to the lawless border towns of Northern Vietnam. When the uprising in Libya first erupted, he traveled there to witness the revolution firsthand. And what he saw inspired him to live in Benghazi for a year and document its burgeoning music scene. While there, he also directed the award-winning "We Win or We Die," a fast-paced short documentary about the early days of the Libyan revolution.

Cast/Featuring: Masoud Buisir, Jasmin Ikanovic, MC Swat, Malik L, Hammuda Abidia
Executive Producer(s): Alistair Audsley
Producer(s): Hammuda Abidia, Haitham Darrat, Harold Millan
Director(s): Matthew Millan
Screenwriter(s): Matthew Millan, Alistair Audsley
Cinematographer(s): Matthew Millan
Editor(s): Doug Blush, Matthew Millan
Composer(s)/Music: Jasmin Ikanovic, Alex Rea, Erik Niel
Sound Designer(s): Jeremy Grody
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